Bub Rock exclusive track review

New Bub Rock Exclusive track review from upcoming FLYPOLAR album

by Alex P80Parks

Long Island has been home to some of hip hop’s most legendary emcees. Bub Rock, of Lakeview, is following some of those greats as the next up-and-coming talent to surface out of Strong Island. He’s dropped a few videos and released several tracks on SoundCloud over the past year plus. Bub released his last album Now or Never back in February. More recently Bub has gained some momentum off his energetic Rock Season freestyles and his music video for “Kobe Flyant.”

Bub Rock is a true NY lyricist who doesn’t hide behind style. He is pure substance, raw lyrics with punchlines aplenty. He has clever metaphors and double entendres worthy of rewinding. His rapid-fire delivery leaves even the listeners catching their breaths. When he rhymes in pocket, it’s like you can hear the spit dribble down the mic. From his earlier SoundCloud loosies to this year’s work, he has developed as an emcee, showing growth and maturity in his delivery, wittiness and beat selection. 

A source of inspiration and mentorship for Bub has been Harlem’s DJ Boogie Blind. Member of the X-ecutioners and a DMC Hall of Fame inductee, Boogie Blind has DJ’d for Pharoae Monch, O.C. and Busta Rhymes. Bub describes Boogie Blind as a “good friend who is always putting people onto my music.”

Bub has a new album on the way produced entirely by the young protégé The Historian. Set to drop in Early June, FLYPOLAR will showcase Bub Rock’s lyrical abilities over some high-quality production from one of the most in-demand producers in hip hop right now. The Historian has developed a reputation as a loop-craftsmen, often omitting drums from his albums. He didn’t pioneer this style, but he executes the looped samples and obscure flips with precision and ease. 

Bub released the song “October Blue” on SoundCloud earlier this week to a strong response from fans and praise from fellow emcees and producers. The Historian lays a soul sample complete with some strings and a funkier bass line. Bub Rock walks on the beat like he’s in a 70’s pimp flick rhyming:

“I got a Tracy McGrady vibe,

Meaning I could give you the game,

See it with a lazy eye”

Listen to October Blue here:


Bub Rock also shared 2 other tracks from the upcoming FLYPOLAR album. The track “360” starts with Ric Flair yelling his catchphrases as The Historian layers a flute and adds some futuristic synths for Bub to float over. Bub’s hunger and drive to be the best are on display with this latest material.

He spits rapid fire starting the second verse:

“Only right I,

Cross T’s and dot I’s

And think life size

Give em 5-mic vibes

Lines is like diamonds,

Dancing freakish on gold pieces,

Molded in the same facial features as Jesus”

The last of the exclusive early-listens came from the track “XV”. This track really flexes Bub’s skill in adapting his flow to a variety of beats and tempos. He slows it down a bit on this darker track, rhyming: 

“Who gossip bout the who, what, wheres

I don’t do the boot-cut. 

Let the light blue cuff sit on the nubuck condtructs, what”

 The Historian creates a slightly murky vibe on “XV”, like the score from an 8o’s TV murder mystery flick. These are the type of beats that really suit Bub and allow him to flex and capture the darker vibe.

Reported to be around 10 tracks long, this collaborative album with The Historian will really showcase the skills of an emerging talent joining forces with a young producer who is also quickly climbing the ranks. If these tracks are any indication, then FLYPOLAR is gonna be a wild ride in a coupe with Bub Rock driving at high speeds into the murky fog, not giving a fuck. 

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