MDot Kempilation exclusive tour CD

by Alex P80 Parks

To commemorate the European tour alongside his EMS crew affiliates, highlighted by the Kemp festival, MDot releases his Kempilation album. Currently only available in physical form on tour, this will surely become a sought-after album for collectors.

MDot describes it as: “An album of some features I did for other releases but also several songs that I did that don’t yet have a home- Some on tour, etc. This isn’t an official album but it’s all original and something I’m digging now. Basically it’s a new compilation of songs for the trip that we mastered and did real artwork for that we also included a bunch of unheard new records on too.”

Many of the tracks are on his peers’ upcoming albums with MDot as a featured guest emcee. All of the tracks showcase the EMS crew General over the type of quality beats listeners are accustomed to hearing him spit over. Heavy punch on the drums, plenty of bass, chopped instrumental samples, ill scratching, and some dope vocal samples across many of the tracks.

Exclusive tracks to this CD:

Connect the Dots” feat G-Dot produced by Confidence. The aptly named banger features M and G trading verses over chopped pianos, organs and some booming drums. Both emcees come correct on this head-nodding track.

Another Day” produced by Gees shows MDot shining solo over piano loops and bass thumps. This track represents the daily grind on tour and going trough the motions, while accepting the rewards of the worldwide impact of the music.

Ricochet” will be on German producer Whatson’s upcoming album. A chopped up soulful and scratched blend show MDot breaking down his opponents and detractors into crumbs.

Check the video here:

Road Runner” is also a new track, which will be featured on producer RoccWell’s upcoming album. This scratch-heavy track has some insane cuts to accompany the dope chops and loops with adequate punch from the drums. MDot talks of globe-trotting and wrecking shows on this new thumper.

Check out “Can’t Runaway” Guitly Simpson feat MDot and Mayhem of EMS here:

Check the video for “Lucid” feat DZ, Rev and Kore here:

Check the video for “Tedium” here:

MDot also gave some insight into his future projects: “The Crazy part is I still have like 40 songs I’m sitting on for the Ego 2 project and others (laughs). I’m not the type to just drop random quick projects but I wanted to have something for Kemp that was new for cats.”

If you’re a fan you’re certainly not gonna want to miss out on this rare and exclusive CD. Currently available only on tour, MDot hopes to have this dope new compilation album available on his site in the very near future.

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