“For The One Time” Bang Belushi X Ketchphraze X Bub Rock X Foul Mouth

Starring Bang Belushi, Ketchphraze, and Bub Rock, “For The One Time” is another joint that brings Detroit’s Middle Finger Music together with one of Long Island’s best emcees.

This track is produced by MFM’s in-house beat-master, Foul Mouth. On this one, the Motor City producer lays a dusty strings loop, crackling drums and some thumping bass. All three emcees bring their A-game on this banger.

Upholding the values and integrity of true hip hop music for Detroit, MFM continues to shine for Motown as they deliver some of the best HipHop anywhere. “For The One Time” is the first single off the Middle Finger Music compilation album produced entirely by Foul Mouth coming in April.

Check out the track here:



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