Exclusive Review K. Burns X Fetty “Bity Boys”

By Alex P80 Parks

The ever-expanding Team Fame Gvng attacks with their latest project. Produced by Eddie Word, Fetty and K.Burns connect on this 6 track EP. Sporting audio clips from old Gangster flicks, this EP sets the stage for what K.Burns describes as “that signature Bity Boys sound.”

While K.Burns has been steadily dropping projects all year long, Fetty has been prolific in his recording, despite not releasing much new material this year. Choosing to stay out of the spotlight and away from social media to instead focus on honing his craft to give fans a new taste.

New Crew in Town” Eddie Word lays a smooth and mellow beat with skittering percussion and a chill vibe. Eddie brings his left coast flavor on this joint, perfect for the gritty Fetty and the adaptable Burnie.

Fetty spits to open the track:

“Lightin up sour,

talkin bout cultivation.

Seein the fam good is motivation.

I started out with a dime, turned to ten bands,

had me goin out my mind.”

Vintage Flow” picks up where the tone of Infamous Villains left off. The mood is murky like a scene from a detective movie. References to crime flicks from both emcees ride over the beat. Fetty’s deep growl and vicious flow complements KBurns unique voice and quick rhyme patterns on this track.

Dreams of a Hustler” brings the 80’s synth vibe with some fast rock drums to create a quick-talking, slick vibe for those on the grind. Both emcees rhyme about pushing their craft to keep the stacks up.

Living is Fast” The beat is elegant and subtle with light piano loops and and a smooth jazzy bass line. Fetty even comes smooth on this track, as if the 2 are celebrating after years of living the good life, sipping champagne, reflecting on how it all went by so quickly.

Check out the track here:


Gvngxrz Style” a standout track and a great finish to the EP. Eddie develops a well-paced joint with a dusty piano and light percussive loop coupled with a tumbling bass line. Eddie found the sweet spot on this sample as it builds just enough and keeps the emcees floating on the beat.

K.Burns rhymes:

“Extra, extra, tell em, make em read about it.

Cuz the life I live, most you n***as only dream about it.

MCM post a pic, misses cream about it

Slidin in my DM, take em home, have em scream and shoutin.

Heartbreak kid, hoes call me Shawn Mike.”

Certainly reflecting a refined sound on this project, Fetty, K.Burns and Eddie Word combine to provide a dope excursion into their world of night endeavors, cruising through the city. The project remains cohesive with the gangster movie elements and sound bites scattered throughout. The choice of beats are overall on-point, as Eddie Word creates a mood with several of the tracks.

Cop the new EP on 9/11 here:


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