Exclusive Bub Rock XV review

By Alex P80 Parks

Bub Rock is releasing a 7-track EP this week. He’s been steadily dropping snippets and a couple singles sporadically. The album is titled XV for his born day, October 5th. Employing soulful elements on each track, Bub invites listeners in to his sermon as he preaches through his crazy wordplay.

The EP is produced entirely by the production duo of CdotHall and AdotMcCray, known as The Standouts, hailing from Ft. Worth Texas. AdotMcCray describes working with Bub Rock:

“Bub is just super dope the way he puts words together and we just been cookin up. He approaches unorthodox beats and that allows us to be creative and even more unorthodox.”

The EP as a whole is more personal than some of his other releases, evident by the cover art, the title referencing his bornday and the subject matter touching some various personal experiences.

Miracle Water check the track below:

I chose to focus on 3 tracks I thought were ‘standout’ tracks on this EP.

LNB ft. Alibi Wealth is a plucky guitar sample with a soul-laced background vocal and a subtle organ. Alibi Wealth kicks in with his more rough vocals to lead into the track. Bub rhymes with confidence and swagger on this project.

Don’t Know is a fully- immersive soulful experience with a strong guitar/bass combo, chimes and a female vocal crooning in the background. The drums aren’t overwhelming but complement the sample well.

“I’m just a fly on the wall

N***as lying to me

I gotta move to evolve

That’s why they dying to me

I can’t get higher, The sauce just kicked in now

Can’t even lie, key thoughts made me a penman.”

On the hook he states:

“But y’all don’t know what I’m goin through”

This is a heartfelt beat for Bub to pour his soul over. This track is well-balanced with soul and solid drums and Bub just takes off, rhyming with focus and intent.

Sixth Song incorporates multiple soul samples with strong vocals. Well layered, but not to overwhelming for Bub Rock to provide his super-lyrical delivery

Bub spits:

“My homegirl keep asking me when I’ma get a shorty

Iono cuz when I get em I clip em.. shortly

Maybe this just isn’t for me.”

He’s not talking the same tired slick shit, or about how many conquests he’s had. Rather, Bub takes a unique look at some the conversations he’s had with women he’s tried to be with, friends he’s had, relationships that have blossomed and some that have failed. Tracks like these show his depth of talent at writing unique rhymes, creating imagery and telling mini- tales, a few bars at a time.

Bub is gaining some attention as talented emcee with some clever wordplay and rhyme schemes. He stays away from some overused topics and is refreshingly witty and wise for a young man gaining his stripes in HipHop.

Start checking for The Standouts as they showed some obvious talent with some of their refined choices in samples and laying their beats. And check for Bub continuing to drop heat all summer.

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