Aztek the Barfly “Line King”

by Alex P80 Parks

It’s relatively well-known in hip hop that Detroit has an established underground scene that has continued to blossom over the last several years. While a few artists have maintained a presence, some artists in that community are fully entrenched in this current booming renaissance, providing consistent, high quality hip hop. One of these Motor City artists is lyricist Aztek the Barfly. On Line King, Aztek’s 3rd solo album, he gets a full batch of Foul Mouth production to spit his brand of high-energy, witty, punchline raps over.

Foul Mouth is definitely one producer that carries the torch, representing Detroit hip hop well with his booming bass, nostalgic soul samples and perfectly laid beats and percussion. On this project, Foul Mouth brings the heat. No soft or sleeply library loops here. Together with Aztek the Barfly, the duo pack the firepower on Line King to catch the attention of even the most hard-to-please hip hop heads.

Aztek the Barfly’s lyrics are brimming with comedic punchlines and clever wordplay throughout the album. With Foul Mouth’s banging drums, there’s not really a quiet moment on the album.

Foul Mouth speeds up a chopped, old vocal sample on “Alpha (The Beginning)” With its crisp drums and percussive nature, it’s a hypnotic, yet focused beat for the Barfly to welcome listeners to his new album.

On “270” Foulmouth lays a Bond007-like groove with a bellowing vocal sample on the chorus. The slick feel and swagger of Aztek’s flows are a perfect match on this standout joint.

Aztek rhymes:

“I’m an admiral movin through the slums,

Give me drums,

I make magical music for the bums.

stand back boy, my stamina stupid

Speak in tongues, whoever made me put this flammable fluid in my lungs.”

Foul Mouth himself even jumps on the track, supplying the rhymes on the hook.

Check out the track here:

Fair Warning” feat Jake Knew and Kid Vishis show all 3 emcees spitting over an alarming, repetitive sample that ensures wack rappers have been adequately forewarned.

The bluesy “Ricky Pierce” shows Foul Mouth layering sped-up chopped vocal samples and pounding drums. Aztek delivers lines like:

“Word to nine eight,

This is my Moment of Truth.

It’s the Imperial, Soul Survivor zone in the booth.”

Show Aztek pay homage to the legends, while lines like:

“I’m a broken condom,

In other words I’m what math teachers got in they head..

I’m a fuckin problem.” Are great examples of his humorous punchlines.

93 Jerry Ball” feat J-Classic, Bang Belushi, and Kid Vishis is a flurry of rolling drums, and chopped vocals. Every emcee comes correct here on this posse cut, running through the competition just like Jerry Ball, the former Lions defensive tackle.

Nightmare Trucks” shows a hyper Aztek spit his visceral lyrics full of wild references over murky resonating bell sounds. On “The Overture” feat Aaron Taylor and King Gordy, Foul Mouth puts down a drunken, strung-out solo trumpet as the emcees show their wild personae and crazy bars.

Check it out here:

Good To Be Home” is another one of the standout tracks. The tone is reminiscent and nostalgic without sacrificing the hard edge of the beats that ground the rest of the album.

Aztek spits:

“Flow so agile,

Gold handle on it, Who want it?

Verse flip like a soul sample

My motto: no hassle.

My vibe: Macho man, Mano y Mano.”

Bang and the Barfly The Barfly exchanges verses with Bang Belushi over a sawing vocal sample, guitars and a crescendo of Digi-effects. “Blackout” feat Hatch and Fatt Father is a thumper full of crisp drums and booming bass for all three emcees to bring their hardest verses over.

Check it out here:

Middle Finger Music” feat Aaron Taylor is the MFM anthem, pronouncing they just don’t give a fuck. Foul Mouth goes big on the sound here, with synths, organs and slapping drums. The album closes with “The Line King,” sporting a crazy guitar riff, a vocal snippet with industrial sounding drums. Aztek going out in a frenzy of rhymes.

The album features robust production from Foul Mouth and quotable one-off rhymes from Aztek the Barfly in every verse. Foul Mouth is known for laying some of the best drums and percussion on his tracks. They’re always mixed flawlessly, whether the cuts have intended grainy/dusty loops or not. Aztek comes ferociously delivering bar after bar of quality lyrics. The duo have an undeniable chemistry, heightened by their allegiance in repping Detroit to the fullest.

On Line King, both Aztek and Foul Mouth bring their A-game. Both cats represent Motown well and connect seamlessly on this album, full of hype, banging beats and plenty of comical quotables.

Dropping on Black Friday 2018, Pre-order the Line King here:

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