Rome Streetz “Noise Kandy 2: The Re-Up”

By Alex P80 Parks

With Noise Kandy 2: The Re-Up, Brooklyn’s Rome Streetz quietly drops off his latest bundle of audio dope for the fiends. Just like Street Farmacy and the first Noise Kandy, Rome stays consistent in keeping with his drug-themed titles and content. On this project, he dishes out 6 bumps of audio coke here, each one different enough, while still showing his consistency.

Rome Streetz has taken his place amongst hip hop’s elite underground emcees. He continues to show an unparalleled skill on the mic, with his witty and clever rhymes, always pushing his creativity and varying his word choices. He continually surprises with some crazy bars, even after a few listens.

For both Noise Kandy projects, Rome Streetz certainly didn’t shy away from the cocaine-related artwork. The first was cover was even considered so much of a glorification of drug use that Rome was unable to use the image for streaming/digital sites.

DMT Vape Pen” over a crackling NCL-TM loop, Rome breaks everything down. He tells you exactly what’s gonna happen to you and your bitch and how he’s gonna spend your money after he robs you. The gentle loops cascade into each other with light industrial percussion in the background

The Historian lays a 70’s-style flute groove on “Piss Moet” as Streetz bodies the track, spitting double time:

“Ayo, All I do is exhale cookies and piss Moet

Count blue Benjamins, rock Lo with a gold neck

You hoes pose no threat, My shit jamming like a old tec

Crown holder like the logo on a Rolex

Need presidents to represent like Hova in that old Lex.”

This joint brings the energy and crazy flow from the BK emcee. The loops deliver, with just enough low-end rhythm to pair with Rome’s hyper-flow.

Colombian NeckTie” feat Illa Ghee and Agallah prod by Illah Dutch. A chopped doo-wop vocal sample with punchy snares and bass lets all the emcees shine. The 2 OG’s, Illa Ghee and Agallah bring their own unique cadence and deliveries to the track. Rome again, brings the clever references rhyming:

“All you n***as garbage

Ya bitch face, my cum target

Free my n***as fighting gun charges

My Gucci garments is flawless, leather and ostrich.

Hit you marks with everything I got in the cartridge, Ya wig on the carpet.

You could never fuck with our shit, ya just a novice

My camp exterminate you muthafuckas like Aushwitz.”

Deadface Notes” prod by Vinyl Villain and Loman is an eerie track. Vinyl Villain and Loman remarkably, created this joint with bacon sizzling for the snare along with a cash register sound. Rome works as well on these types of murky tracks as he does the orchestral sample tracks.

Master or Servant?” Prod by Vinyl Villain is a snake-charmer banger. Rome coaxes the serpents to bend to his will, coming clever with lines like:

“Ya days are numbered like a rapist on death row

Only conducting conversations concerning escrow

Turn my street dreams to reality like Esco

Now I’m droppin music for the masses like Depeche Mode.”

The beat bangs with dusty drums and sufficient bass.

Foaming Out The Mouth” prod by Wavy Da Ghawd is an excellent closer to the EP. Wavy lays a sinister loop full of apprehension; with horns rising, piano keys heightening the tension.

“New York streets made me cagey

Trustin’ too much then you crazy

My scripture paint a vivid picture like Scorsese

My boy Wavy laced the track, I spit the arsonic.”

On Noise Kandy 2, Rome continues bringing the ill references and visceral rhymes. Rome remains one of the top spitters in the game. Working with these talented producers on this album continues to add to Rome’s resume of high-quality HipHop. Rome Streetz keeps coming with heat in 2018. This project is no exception, as he wraps up the year with another dope project.

Cop the album here:

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