Exclusive Studio Session: SPNDA, Haze and Grubby Pawz

Grubby SPNDA Haze

By Alex P80 Parks

I’d met Grubby Pawz back when he killed his set for Nightworks Ep 4. I met SPNDA at Nightworks Ep 6. Haze I hadn’t yet met, but we’d talked through social media/ direct messages. We had intended to link up a couple times but our schedules just didn’t match. Grubby and I had talked about his new studio spot he was working on and how he wanted me to check it out once it was ready. SPNDA and I talked about getting together to chop it up about his upcoming projects. Earlier this week Haze reached out to invite me to the studio session, so I had to make it happen.

Grubby Pawz

This session was for Haze and SPNDA’s upcoming album. I got to check out 2 songs, both produced by Dutchmastered. Haze and SPNDA both laced their verses and ad libs for the tracks.

Haze and SPNDA writing

One of the most interesting perspectives is watching the creative process as Haze and SPNDA were writing in the studio, crafting their verses. The unconventional methods for naming songs- It’s amazing what old Spider-Man cartoons can inspire while vibing out in the studio. The 2 Dutchmastered tracks were aptly named by Grubby, Haze and SPNDA and share a theme with the intended visuals as well.

Check out Haze direct from the booth here:

Despite frequently working together, they all still surprise one another with their skills when creating. Grubby Pawz was stunned when SPNDA switched up his flow and came in differently on a track in order to match the beat following Haze’s verse. Haze couldn’t believe how quickly SPNDA adapted his flow and changed his rhyme scheme. It was like like 2 different verses from SPNDA. It was amazing and came off as effortless.

SPNDA in the booth:

The finished (not yet mixed) track:

Grubby Pawz and Haze have just wrapped up working on a new EP. Brookside Terrace drops this Friday on City Yard Music. Haze described this EP as his “most personal to date.” He felt as if the rhymes he penned for this are “as close to perfect for me to this point” The EP will be available on limited edition cassette tapes complete with the OBI strip.

Check out one of the more poignant tracks from Brookside Terrace below:

Cop it from City Yard Music this Friday:


This was certainly an incredible experience and a unique look into studio life. The session was extremely professional, yet laid-back. We spent almost as much time chopping it up about other stuff as well, just chilling in the lounge next to the studio.

Keep your ears peeled for new music from SPNDA, Haze and Grubby Pawz. What I heard is gonna keep heads nodding, for sure!

This is just one chapter..

The saga continues..

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