Short film feature: 318Cha$e “The Process”

This is the introduction of 318Cha$e to both fans and those unfamiliar. The short film is the lead-up to 318Cha$e’s album Trust The Process, dropping 8/10. It begins with footage from last year’s tour with several New England spots featured. The tour served as a showcase of 318Cha$e to the east coast markets, eventually putting it on for his hometown of Ruston, LA. It gives fans a unique glimpse at the tour life of 318Cha$e and Team Fame Gvng labelmates GKFetty and KBurns as well. The second half of the film shows 318Cha$e behind the scenes and in the studio working on the album. Fans get to see the process from the raw talent and energy of last year’s tour to the emergence of a more focused 318Cha$e as he prepares for his debut album, poised to make his mark.

Check out the video here:

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