From a feature on the diamond selling Fugees’ classic The Score, to a shelved album on Shady records, Young Zee has risen from the New Jerz underground to a humbling from the innate savagery of the music industry. As a Founding member of the Outsidaz, Young Zee saw those successes and trappings more than 20 years ago. After a long hiatus involving some legal dealings, Zee returns reinvigorated on his first official release since his 2012 album with Mr. Green, One Crazy Weekend.

On Scumbag, Young Zee partners with Australian producer Flu for an EP of witty bars over focused beats. With features from veterans such as fellow Outsidaz member Pace Won, Zee calls on other stalwarts like underground heavy Vinnie Paz, emcee R., as well as the highly-respected Flipmode queen, Rah Digga.

Throughout the EP, Melbourne-based producer, Flu brings his brand of moody film score loops and obscure arrangements for Zee to flourish on. Flu provides the eerie tension of a crime scene on “Monkey Bars” and a hazy fog of grime on the title track where Zee aptly spits some pure filth over. Flu utilizes some great drums on tracks like “STFU” while allowing others to breathe a bit more like the strings-fueled “DNA.”

Across 7 tracks, Zee hits you with his off-the-wall, boundary-pushing flows, finding his comfort zone in his humorous bars and playfully extreme content. The only real departure from this, we find a more serious Zee with his thought-provoking storytelling of generations of slavery and racism on “Slave Son.” Here Flu provides a bleak soundscape for Young Zee to speak on real issues.

A pairing of these 2 unique individuals offers us a tight project embodying the grubbiness and those foul emanations from their combined abhorrent tastes, genuinely earning the title Scumbag.

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Respected Boston emcee/producer M-Dot, recruits legendary lyricist and Juice Crew member Kool G Rap alongside his fellow EMS crew mate Revalation for the era-spanning concept record “Decadence.” Providing the funky & soulful backdrop is acclaimed producer, The Mighty V.I.C. (Big Pun, Nas, Mobb Deep) with DJ Jean Maron adding the scratches. The song is mastered by inimitable engineer Eddie Sancho (Illmatic, Ready To Die, Reasonable Doubt, etc). The track provides plenty of nostalgic references, harkening back to the golden eras that hip hop heads hold in such high regard. Lock yourself in for a heavy dose of evoked imagery from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s on this banger.

M-Dot’s upcoming vinyl “Dining In Dystopia” drops 1st quarter of 2022.

We here at Deeply Rooted Hip Hop are proud to release our very first compilation album, Sleeping Giant (Awakens), featuring some of the finest emcees and producers. Deeply Rooted Hiphop’s founder and editor in chief, “P80” Parks executive produced/ curated and A&R’d this collection of all original songs showcasing a variety of beats, rhymes, styles and tempos for all hip hop heads to appreciate.

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…And, get ready for Vol 2, already in the works….

Abe and Tully strike again with their 3rd single in 2 weeks. The Indiana-based duo ride the bass groove on the swirling “Showoff” produced by nomstks. Earlier this month, Abe Linx and Tully C dropped the murky “Cholo,” followed by the hazy, slinking “Rabies,” continuing to apply the pressure!

Check out “Showoff” and peep “Cholo” and “Rabies” as well here:

One of the torch bearers of this current indie hip hop generation, Lord Juco continues to elevate his art with his debut LP, Raised Right, officially hoisting his flag as a dominant force of the underground.

Constantly working on EP’s, collaborative projects and doing features, he’s not only one of the most prolific and consistent emcees, but he’s highly respected and sought out by fans as well as artists new and established, looking for a solid collaborator. As 1/2 of the Death at the Derby series with partner in crime, Cousin Feo, they continue to regularly deliver high quality music and unique physical collectibles for fans and supporters of a niche they essentially created.

With Raised Right, Lord Juco approached the album as a true debut LP. Juco took his time, crafting an album with specific producers in mind to capture his signature sound across an array of well selected beats. Loop specialist and fellow Canadian, Nicholas Craven delivers a unique arrangement of chopped vocal samples, as Lord shines on “Hearsay.” A Dot and C Dot of The Standouts contribute another subtly soulful gem on “LookBooks” with DJ John Doe on the cuts.

Lord Juco pulls in Veteran Vinny Paz on “Leafs vs Flyers” and also achieves the reggae rap vibe with a feature from fellow Toronto native, Falcon Outlaw on “Sting.” The features are used sparingly, allowing Juco to mostly do his own thing. On “Briscola” producer MarvWon simply snapped, sending Juco onto another astral plane with his focused rhymes. While there aren’t really any skips, other highlights include the Blckwndr laced “Lemon Pepper” “Faux Fendi’s” funky riff’s, with big-record appeal, and the psychedelic r &b vibes of “Losers Luxury.”

After years of analyzing and absorbing Lord Juco’s lyrics and his flow, there seems to be an ever-changing strength to his craft. It may have been his clever wit or his creative double entendres. It is undoubtedly the way he commands the mic. Not in a menacing way. You want to hear what else he has to say. His rhymes are always on point, but Juco’s captivating yet relatable voice and nature reminds listeners of a friend and not a distant favorite emcee. Add to that, his wisdom and words make him seem older than his 27 year old frame would have us believe. Always ready to tell us a story, this time it’s HIS story to tell.

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By P80 Parks

The head of Rochester, NY collective Da Cloth flips clever rhymes and tough bars over hard-hitting beats on his latest LP, Wake Ups. Standout joints include the stuupid grimy first single “Coconut Water.” Peep the video here:

Other bangers include the vocal sample-laced “Show You,” and “Misled” feat Times Change and the Gilmour-esque guitar soaked “Let Me” feat Rob Gates. Additional features include Da Cloth members (Mooch, MAV, Symph, ILLanoise) and underground heavyweight Ransom. Rigz went with the gritty and street production from RDJR, Machacha, Giallo Point, 322, Plazbo, Thank5th and frequent collaborator, Chup. Rigz and Da Cloth definitely bring the street heat on Wake Ups.

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DJ Radiohead combines with underground stalwarts Pro Zay and Lord Juco for a melodic thumper. The Canadian DJ/producer lays down an ice cream truck-like sample and laces the track with head-nodding drums, providing his own cuts on the track. “Street Dreaming” is the latest single from DJ Radiohead’s upcoming producer album.

Peep the track here:

By P80 Parks

Avada Kedavra (with the modern version as ‘Abracadabra’) from Latin, translates to “let this thing be destroyed.” With his latest, Seattle’s AJ Suede uses his own tricks and wizardry to show off his beats, and of course, his slow flow.

Suede: “A little bit of kabbalah gnosticsm and hermeticism finds its way in there but it flies over heads… always been obsessed with religion/schools of thought/mythology so it always finds it way in there somehow.”

With a subconscious steeped in the mystical, his lyrics touch on such from time to time. It’s the metered cadence and stretched syllables that Suede spits that doesn’t require an intense lyrical understanding, while never seeming lazy. But Avada Kedavra displays both Darth Sueder’s lyrics and his production abilities as he handles all of the beats across the 10 tracks. Highlights include the enveloping loop of “Houses on a hill” and the elegance of the orchestral arrangement on “No Exception.” Both tracks find Suede in the pocket with a solid flow. The unique and singular Fatboi Sharif comes through for the only guest feature on the project, bringing a mind- warping verse full of distorted ad libs on “Voodoo.” A strong effort for Suede overall, coming through on the production tip as well on Avada Kedavra.

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Words by Ian Charles

Toronto, Canada and Rochester, N.Y. are two notable areas generating ill Hip Hop music. Their borders have no stronghold on what they magnificently create when the cities unite. Toronto Emcee, Asun Eastwood (TOMA/Gold Era), Toronto Producer, Sibbs Roc (Gold Era) and Rochester, N.Y. Emcee, M.A.V. aka Maverick Montana (Da Cloth) are distant in miles, yet close in the collective musical taste on their new album 98 Miles. Although members of Rochester’s Da Cloth and their T-Dot border family have worked together in the past, this trio has their hands fresh in a newly formed brotherhood for an entire project.

Asun’s catalogue continues to increase and impress listeners from his solo albums Nimbus, Hollywood Briggs to his collaborations with Toronto cohorts, Futurewave and Daniel Son on Physics of Filth and Bite The Bullet. Then on to 2020 with Sewer Science (Produced by Vago), Let Me Talk My Shit (Produced by Wizdome Bunitall) and 2021’s Prophecy Is My Present with Philly’s The Twinning (Reker aka DJ R3K3R and Padae). M.A.V. brings Rochester’s reality to the world by way of 2018’s ABRACADABRA (Produced by FINN (Gold Era), Dust 2 Dust (Produced by Cotola), Hoodlum (Produced by Giallo Point) and the three part Angelz and Demonz series with Hobgoblin spanning from 2019 to 2021. Sibbs Roc of Gold Era has been a mainstay in the Ontario music scene, letting loose on his 2019 Master The Craft instrumental album, and his previous album Stand Firm, which also showcases his lyrical abilities. Fans heard more from Sibbs Roc’s production arsenal as he continued with Family Gang Black’s Ventilation album. 98 Miles is further proof of those harnessed skills.

“Flu Season” puts us in the driver’s seat to start off the journey with a rolling piano loop and an Alfred Hitchcock feel, courtesy of Sibbs Roc. M.A.V. and Asun deliver audio sickness an infirmary couldn’t contain. The Toronto/Rochester tandem express wisdom through life’s positive and negative alongside East Baltimore’s Jay Royale on “Tug of War”. Shifting gears, fellow Toronto comrade Daniel Son drops by on “Table Talk” while “50_50” brings Saipher Soze and Corden Barrett (Saxophone) in on the road trip, kicking their verbal assault.

“Don’t need a cut or a barber to fadeaway that’s why I smile when Nick post my song, his playlist play…” states Asun Eastwood with his appreciation to the stalwart Hiphop superfan on “What’s Rap, What’s Real.” M.A.V. is making it known that this is not a game, telling ya’ll: “…don’t let an Instagram post be your last day.”

Sibbs Roc came to show off his production talents in flipping a Sauvage Planet aka Fantastic Planet sample unlike any other on “Simple Diligence” as M.A.V. and Eastwood express the importance of their families.

When M.A.V. says: “…bring the water to a boil we ain’t letting up 300 miles one way cause we ain’t get enough…set it off in D.C. with three Vivica’s.” M.A.V. let’s you know the final track “”L’s & W’s” is just as ill as when 98 Miles first put the pedal to the metal. Sibbs Roc let his thumping cinematic sound go full throttle here. Asun talks his shit on the hook and second/final verse, “It’s no time for your race, can erase or pace us, every angle got covered ain’t no space to face us, my ace hands heavy we remake and shaved us, Macy Gray space fiends you relate don’t say much…”

The three combine their street knowledge, life experience, production and lyrical talents on 98 Miles with an unconditional bond that not many artists can achieve outside of the music with the same collaborators. This like-minded connection is the unity we hear throughout the album. Like true brothers far away from each other, small talk narrows the gap when being in person is not advisable. Wisdom doesn’t come on a silver platter. Not only are Asun and M.A.V. providing jewels in terms of seeing the light in the dark, but they also tell us to choose the direction in your life wisely. Only true men can be honest with one another initiating the respect. 98 Miles is just numbers and traveling. The three reppin’ Toronto, Scarborough and Rochester prove that music and brotherhood are the defining connected foundation. Pack your gear for the ten track excursion.

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