Bronze Nazareth “Moroccan Hash” video

On the self produced Moroccan Hash, Bronze Nazareth details his journey, and what he’s been through on a personal level while rising to success.
Every career has its story, but the life that happens beyond the music is THE story. Radiantly detailed lyrics meet with a soulful soundtrack, that yet again prove Nazareth’s consistency, and intricate attention to detail.

Bronze Nazareth:
“Moroccan Hash, a real soulful life tale…detailing a string of stories that went on during my musical quest…life behind the music.
I actually had a ‘moment’ after tackling all these obstacles after years of grafting and pushing my music.
I found myself enjoying Moroccan Hash in Rennes, France. This was shortly after my brother had sadly passed away, and I was finally on tour around Europe for 2015.
As I took in the hash, I looked at the dark skies, the stars, and finally felt like I had made it. We had dreamt that our music would take us around the world. Here I was….”

Moroccan Hash is out now-

If You’re Worried, You Should Be is out on Friday 30th September-

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