Don O “The Last Don”

By Alex P80 Parks

Team Frozen presents Don Ophiuchus’ new EP The Last Don. Capturing a vintage sound, Don O delivers 5 tracks of timeless NY gems.

Don O reps the “classic NY sound” well in 2018, employing solid sample-based beats as the background for his articulate flow and smooth delivery. Echoing the feel of icons like Pete Rock and Premier, the beats all bring a late golden-era/2nd golden era vibe for Don to bless with his lyrical prowess.

I chopped it up a bit with Don, Flashius Clayton and Lou Minoti of Team Frozen about how the album and the connections with all came about.

Don: “The project is actually a shortened version of the real deal. The full length I wrote shortly after my father’s passing. It was a high that helped me get thru a rough time… Then times got worse for me with the mother of my kids and also my health wasn’t all that either and I had a lengthy stay in the hospital that racked up a nice tab. Meanwhile, Schott Free had Lou Minoti search for me. I had no idea this was going on, i had moved out the crib, changed my number etc. So one day my mom told me people kept calling her crib asking for me. I thought it was bill collectors because of when I was in the hospital. One day I decided to sign into social media again, seen a few dms from Schott Free urging me to hit him up and we gotta do a project, he saw big potential in me. That’s how the God’s of Gravitation and me being part of Team Frozen came about and we been rocking since. Flash and I linked earlier so it was all organic for that to continue. Basically the music came about thru a really rough spot in life.

Dangerous Times” produced by Don O. Don describes the multitude of issues plaguing our everyday lives over a thunderous boom and a repetitive piano loop. The horns blare triumphantly while Don drops gems about the society we are all victims to.

Effortless” producer Lou Minoti creates 70’s action flick hype energy for Don to spit smooth rhymes, making it sound easy. The tempo and vibe correspond with Don’s slick cadence.

Gods of Gravitationfeat JD Renoir produced by Flashius Clayton with an assist from the legendary Schott Free featuring a blues guitar with some crisp drums. Regarding the Schott Free collaboration on this track Flash stated: “We sampled one note from the bass guitar and 16 leveled it (tuning). Schott played the bassline straight into the DAW. He had it so on point all we had to was loop his performance. True story.”

Don spits in alliterative fashion:

“Double dragon deli dope dealer,

Devious deliver diligent dose denote D’s and dip.

Cali connect, click, collect chips contra caliber cheat code,

collusion to clap, control calendars”

I had to hit up Flash about this collaborative effort between he and Don:

Flashius Clayton: “I sent Don an old(er) batch of beats and he sent me On The Regular back the next day. I put it on BandCamp, it was actually an official Money Makin Monday’s drop. Don is the truth. He was one of the Deli’s biggest, most genuine supporters on Twitter while Dro and I were building steam and one day he just started posting fire.. Lou Minoti was the one who told me to send the batch that On The Regular came out of. Lou was the one who really brought to my attention how ill Don is.”

On The Regular” produced by Flashius Clayton features chopped piano and organ loops with punchy snares and booming bass. On the hook:

“Dumpin on the regular,

No relation to lacklusters

Who be callin u custy’s

Trust me,

This legit 96 algorithm

Sumthin ugly for ya sound system.”


“When Don posted that first mix of Dangerous Times I think Lou started working with him tough. Don recorded damn near an album on Lou’s beats. Ribbon is one of those songs if I’m not mistaken.”

RNTS (Ribbons N The Sky)” produced by Lou Minoti. The track is a frantic frenzy of chopped vocal samples and loops. Don O creatively shoutouts so many important and influential artists on the track.

The entire Team Frozen ensures that they carry on tradition in their music. No cheap and easy rap here. Truly crafted beats and well-thought lyrics.

Don O and all of Team frozen deliver on this EP. No slow tempo or drumless loops here. Straight NY HipHop in its purest form. Look out for Don O and all of Team Frozen to close out 2018 in strong fashion.

check The Last Don EP on SoundCloud here:

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