Aye Wun “Old Morals New Ble$$ings”

By Alex P80 Parks

The Queens MC And Broken Home member drops his EP Old Morals New Ble$$ings full of nostalgia and witty rhymes. On his fourth official project, Aye Wun shares production duties with Matt Kuartz as the two create beats full of chopped, sped-up soul and doo-wop samples to take heads back to another era while keeping the lyrics current and sharp.

AW: “Ive always been making beats since young. I basically taught myself because i couldnt get no one to give me beats when i was first starting out so i thought fuck it ima learn myself.”

Along with some respectable beats, Aye brings plenty of punchlines and some comedic wordplay in his lyrics. He always seems to be talking slick about your girl or how you just don’t stack up to him in the arena. The overall tone of the EP is upbeat and nostalgic, maintaining a vintage New York sound, fully representing his native Queens. Aye Wun brings the stylings of a vet with a fairly polished sound to his joints. Aye discusses his Broken Home affiliation:

AW: “I connected wit Broken Home at a place in long island city, Queens called Goblin Music Studio. That place was like a rap dojo. Random nights you’d just be casually chilling with some of hip hop’s legends. If you were from NYC and you was nice wit that pen you was there at least once. But that’s where I joined forces with Broken Home and they will always be my brothers for life. Its deeper than music.”

Renunciation (intro)” (prod by Aye Wun) through spoken-word, Aye breaks down some insightful and introspective shit:

AW: “The intro is something I got from a passage in a book called The Man Who Wanted To Meet God. My bro Tony sent me it on some random shit one day and I felt like it fit the theme perfectly.”

Old Morals New Blessings” (prod by Aye Wun) Soul loops complete with a beautiful sped-up vocal sample set the scene for Aye to spit lines like:

“Apply yourself everyday, A. Y. E.

Gun-butt you with the French toast, c’est la vie

Ya bitch drier than a elbow in December

Ill since the placenta, kill for illegal tenders

Protect ya lady, I make chochas moist.

I’m like Pain in da ass, you know my voice”

AW: “I came up wit the slogan Old Morals New Ble$$ings without having a project in the works or in mind. It was just a phrase that I live and stand by. Basically it means you dont have to sell your soul to be successful, you can stick to what you believe in and still flourish in whatever you do or in just life period”

Lo Siento” (prod by Matt Kuartz) An uptempo series of chopped piano, horn loops and short vocal samples all contribute to an inspiring vibe while staying tongue-in-cheek as Aye basically apologizes for being dope and keeping it moving.

Check the track here:


United Nations” feat Joccusto (prod by Aye Wun) over strings and a wobbly resonating vocal sample, Joccusto delivers a smooth flow on this joint while Aye stays focused and precise with lines like:

“Ya baby moms wanna see me

Thinkin you nicer than Aye, you smokin heemie.”

Can’t put a price on nice” (prod by Matt Kuartz) The beat features sped-up chopped vocal samples and booming drums with short piano, guitar and strings loops.

Aye spits:

“Learn from the legends, I got the cheat code,

Fuck the radio, I don’t need a Ebro

Take a fat chick, make her do a handstand

Tell her spread it wide, got her boofin hash plant

Take a bump of the butt of a parliament

Then listen to my discography, all of it

Soft shell crabs and RL bags.”

A solid display of some creativity in his rhymes show Aye’s respectable pen game.

We All Go Thru It” (prod by Matt Kuartz) consisting of short piano chords and chopped vocal samples, Aye harmonizes on the hook, providing a wise-beyond-his-years perspective on this track.

Add Da Lessons (RIP Half-A-Mill)” Over a beat from Half-A-Mill, this bouncing joint with drums that punch and background strings give this track a throwback feeling of remembrance.

Old Morals New Ble$$ings displays Aye Wun’s skills on the mic and also his ability to craft some dope beats as well. Sticking with the soul and doo-wop samples certainly maintains the intended reminiscent NY vibe as Aye Wun and Matt Kuartz stay within the eras that are clearly influential to them when creating their beats. Aye Wun has some talent on the mic and on the beats, so keep an ear out for the Queens Broken Home emcee as he continues to make some dope hip hop.

cop the EP Old Morals New Ble$$ings available on Christmas 2018 here:


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