Exclusive Premiere: “Tapioca” Estee Nack x The Custodian of Records

By Alex P80 Parks

The Custodian of Records has been popping up on projects regularly and Estee Nack has been busy dropping heat all year. Nack’s work ethic is unparalleled, as he continuously releases one project after another. The Custodian of Records is one of many who have noticed Nack’s prolific output. He says he’s been a fan “Since the days when they’d post his stuff on the Art of Rhyme website.” Describing the regional scene, TCOR says he’s “always been a fan of New England HipHop.”

TCOR himself has quietly built a strong resume as a talented producer, working with Hus Kingpin, Rozewood, MR MFN eXquire, Planet Asia, Flashius Clayton and many more. He recently featured on Sleep Sinatra’s [D]arkangel, producing the jazzy track “B.I.E.” The Custodian of Records also recently dropped the ill single “Good Money” with Flashius Clayton.

The New Jersey producer connects with the Super Nack Man on this banger. The track boasts a soulful doo wop sample and features Nack flipping his trademark verbal acrobatics and intricate rhyme patterns. The beat has a lovely nostalgic feel, providing the perfect canvas for the Nack Daddy to unload.

Check out the world premiere exclusively here at Deeply Rooted HipHop:


You can also check out TCOR’s latest 7″ limited Vinyl “Lousy New Years” release here:


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