New England LFOD Radio Alumni Cypher

You can call it a “freestyle,” an “off-top” or whatever you’d like. But these cyphers certainly showcase some of the emerging local talent in the New England region. I caught up with LFOD founder Uncle Sam to see about the weekly cyphers featuring local talent. He was hype to share the alumni cypher highlights and favorites.

Uncle Sam: Every year we invite all our past guests back to rhyme live, on-air with their fellow MCs. There was a different cypher every Tuesday in July, broadcasting live on 91.5 FM in Boston & streaming at For the second year, we partnered with the Beatclub Podcast to provide the instrumentals. This year was a lot of fun & I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved. Truly an exciting time for New England Hip-Hop.

Below you can find a link to the YouTube playlist with each week’s videos, as well as links to the recap podcast, which highlights LFOD’s personal favorites.


Direct Podcast Link:


Connect with them on IG & FB @LFODRadio & Twitter @LFODRadio_

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