Bub Rock “Rocktober”

by Alex P80 Parks

When Bub and I connected earlier this year, I was a fan of his singles and Freestyles I had seen posted on YouTube. He also had a couple videos floating around as well at the time. Since that time I’ve featured/reviewed some tracks and reviewed his last project, XV. I’ve watched as more HipHop fans took notice of the immense talent that Bub has to offer.

This latest project is no exception. With an appeal to all types of listeners, Rocktober delivers a ride with Bub as he shows off the versatility and adaptability he offers as an emcee.

XV” This track, produced by The Historian really flexes Bub’s skill in adapting his flow to a variety of loops and tempos. He slows it down a bit on this darker track, rhyming: 

“Who gossip bout the who, what, wheres

I don’t do the boot-cut. 

Let the light blue cuff sit on the nubuck condtructs, what”

 The Historian creates a slightly murky vibe on “XV”, like the score from an 8o’s TV murder mystery flick. These are the type of beats that really suit Bub and allow him to flex and capture the darker vibe.

Money” produced by Wavy Da Ghawd shows Bub spitting on a classic sample, chopped slightly different.

Check the track out here:


WWYD” produced by NCL-Tim shows Bub ruminating about the big life decisions, slightly harmonizing over a somber saxophone sample.

Beauty Scars” producer Nicky Yates puts down vocal samples layered over a soul loop for Bub to talk his confident Shit.

The Rock” producer Don Carrera flips a familiar sample, but does so in a slower tempo and adds a vocal sample to give some depth to the track. This tracks shows Bub reaching out to the women with a vibe to groove out to.

Miracle Water” produced by The Standouts (Adot McCray and Cdot Hall) the duo who produced his XV EP released back in June. A powerful vocal sample with plenty of soul supported by faint strings in the background.

Also produced by the Standouts, “Perceptions” sports a synth-heavy resonating sample while Bub drops plenty of jewels.

Check the track out here:


*Visuals for “Perceptions” coming soon, shot by Movie Mula

Rounding out the standout productions on this album, “Luther” brings an 80’s style sample. After the sample built for a few bars, I had hoped the beat would kick in on this track, but that didn’t deter Bub from going in, regardless.

The visceral “Freestyle 29” produced by Wavy Da Ghawd is a standout track. Featuring a hard beat, with thumping bass and crisp drums, Bub blacks out on this joint.

NCL-Tim drops more heat on this album, “Another Lap” feat Jordan Bratton. The tracks sports a somber, jazzy sax sample which plays well with the hook sung by the talented Jordan, a Broadway star who also hails from Bub’s neighborhood.

Bub closes out he album with “Younger Self,” the third Wavy Da Ghawd produced track on Rocktober. The track displays Bub’s ability to show introspective reflection about his own life and his growth. He rhymes:

“Fuckin wit bitches that don’t even like rap,

Only wine, sherbet my nightcaps never similar, hoes feelin us,

Been like that, Built for it

How you think you gon’ win like that?

Talk to them like that.

Kick fly raps, Kung fu flicks, Steamed cuisine, fettuccine.”

Rocktober is another solid album from the Long Island emcee, crafting songs over a variety of beats and textures while not cluttering his album with features. Bub lets his own talent shine on the verses. Bub Rock continues to rise in prominence and gain a steady following of devoted fans.

Cop Rocktober on Bub Rock’s bandcamp page here:


Stay tuned for his next project, the highly anticipated Flypolar, produced entirely by The Historian.

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