“RockSeason Freestyle” Bub Rock

The first single off the upcoming album, RockSeason pairs Bub with NY producer The Artivist. The track sports a robust loop with guitars, strings and drums. The Artivist selects a rhythmic loop with decent tempo for Bub to spill out his lyrics onto.

Bub rhymes:

“I wish you health and wealth,

A hundred years of success.

Even if you wish me the opposite

Under ya breath, Poppin shit.

Pillow talkin with devious women,

Let’s not..

Same exact sheets i fucked on

She slept in the wet spot

Get ya spot wet…”

Check the track here:


Bub brings his witty rhymes, both visceral and intelligent on joints like this. This freestyle is like a warm-up to the album, RockSeason coming soon.

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