Exclusive Review: Ty Farris “No Cosign Just Cocaine 2”

By Alex P80 Parks

Determined to put out 2 excellent full-sized projects this year, Detroit’s Ty Farris returns with his second LP of 2018, No Cosign Just Cocaine 2. Make sure you listen to the album on some real speakers- Ty’s booming voice alone is too powerful for your weak-ass phone speakers.

This year’s previous release did not disappoint fans. NCJC1 was full of banging beats and Ty’s brand of highly lyrical rhymes. He picks up right where the first installment left off. And just like part 1, this album features a stellar cast of producers and just enough of the elite underground features to keep fans fully engaged.

As a lyricist, Ty Farris strikes a great balance between wordplay, punchlines and metaphors in his lyrics. He can rap with varying flows on all types of beats. Ty’s voice is powerful as well, asserting his dominance on the mic.

It’s evident that high-quality beats are of the utmost importance to Ty Farris. He chooses beats that have a sound unique from one another on his albums. He prefers applying a tour-de force type of journey as opposed to staying in a niche beat lane. With the firepower of producers he employs to craft some bangers, Ty understands the approach to a well-balanced album with a diverse range of sounds.

The Recipe” produced by Trox is a perfect intro to the album with a droning piano loop and repetitive beat for Ty to unleash his fire onto:

“I rhyme with goats like I’m on Sesame Street, blessin the beat.

Feel like AC Slater wrestlin Screech,

Then that lesson repeats.

I’m from where bullets breach where you sleep.

Ignorance peak,

like them tweets from the commander in chief.”

Tyrant Talk” produced by Stu Bangas is yet another successful thumper with these two combining. Stu crafts an eerie synth beat with plenty of bass for a summer Jeep cruise, owning the night on the hot streets.

Check the video here:

Ty hits the listeners with back-to-back J Bansky-produced tracks, both murky and ominous in tone. “Premium Drugs feat Rigz is a sinister wave that echoes and resonates. Rigz provides his swagger and confidence while Ty gives his hard-hitting lyrics to body the track. “Dope Fiend” has a slight West Coast vibe, featuring sped up vocal samples and creepy synths to haunt the background. Ty depicts various ways that his music has become his own addiction amidst serving his own customers for years.

A Pimp And A Pistol” produced by The Standouts, the track provides a slick 80’s r&b feel, while maintaining a hard-edge. Ty keeps the topics simple, yet provides some vivid imagery and clever punchlines. From the second verse:

“I’m so focused with it,

Off the ocean as I wrote the lyrics,

I used to flow the stolen Civic,

tryna blow the engine.

Now it’s diamond chains,

cracking jokes over crab legs,

keep the fam happy,

let the cash spread.”

“Cold In The Streets” feat Recognize Ali and WateRR produced by J Bansky. Another dope track featuring three talented emcees, spitting their best bars over a dusty sample and an echoing bell in the distance. Each emcee takes an approach to paint street portraits of crime, tribulations and plain facts of the lifestyle of the streets.

Where’s The Growth” produced by Trox is a lush arrangement with well-placed samples and some unique effects to create a beautifully textured track. Ty is in the pocket here, floating on the beat. A standout track amongst many bangers, this one will keep heads nodding. Ty raps about his evolution as an artist and changes he’s made as a businessman and with relationships, while some other artists have remained stagnant.

Ty Rhymes:

The street game ain’t a game,

they don’t play that shit.

Put some knots on ya head,

like Jada smith in that Matrix flick.

No negotiations,

we the procreation.

“Let It Run” feat Bub Rock produced by FoulMouth. This is another serious heater from Ty. The track is a chopped soul buffet with plenty of bass and snare for the real heads. The vocal samples are overlapped and laid perfect with some strings in the background. Both emcees are in peak form here, going in for about a min and a half each. Bub leads off, coming with his best guest appearance yet and one of the illest verses he’s dropped to date. They both snapped on this beat, making a hype joint to get you going. With tracks like these, both emcees keep elevating and honing their skills.

Ty spits:

“They paint trash cans with words and try to call it art

Old school with bad aim,

seen em off a mark

You bottom feeders can’t talk to sharks.

I’m cautious, smart

Courageous, dangerous

Still have a heart-to-heart.”

“I Chose You” feat Conway The Machine produced by Chuck Cross sports multiple chopped soul samples, hi hats and some thump to bounce to. It’s a great tempo for both Conway and Ty to flip some interesting rhyme schemes. The vibe is upbeat while Ty spits his hard bars and Conway talks his hard shit.

Vanderslice Sent a Beat” produced by Vanderslice. Live sound cymbals, subtle layered elements including a guitar riff and punchy drum fill give Ty a minimal canvas to spill some great lyrics on. Vanderslice always finds that sweet spot in terms of hard-hitting, tense and emotive in his beats.

Ty ends the track with:

“Vanderslice sent me the crack,

I cracked the heads.

you ain’t searching hard enough if you think hip hop is dead.”

Let The Pain Sing” produced by Clypto. A short loop full of Strings, guitar and piano accompany a beautiful partial vocal sample. Ty talks about the struggles in his life and with those less fortunate and still switches back to some fly talk with plenty of quotables to leave you hitting replay.

Might Need Therapy” produced by Farma Beats. Farma lays a gorgeous 70’s or 80’s classic/prog rock guitar with cymbal sample and kicks in some drums. It’s one of those powerful somber samples where an emcee like Ty can really open up and reveal some of their soul. Ty wastes no bars explaining his tough upbringing, witnessing his parents abusing drugs. He vows to never be in that position, recognizing and becoming more self-aware through it all.

Ty raps:

All the shit I seen through these eyes, I might need therapy.

primarily I make sure I rhyme with transparency.

Remember Dexter Ave displaying my dexterity?

Not like these ghetto local celebrities,

Stop comparing me.

Detroit’s Van Damme, I got a Lionheart

When the violence start.”

“Oligarchs”(Bonus Track) feat Sage Infinite and Saga produced by J Bansky is an alarming guitar chord that perpetuates throughout the track with subtle horn samples. It’s a murky vibe straight from a 60’s crime movie.

Ty spits:

My flow leave em with a lemon face,.

About to renovate my living space,

All because my lyrics great.

I got exquisite taste,

Squid on the kitchen plate,

I kid witcha kid and leave my kids on ya bitches face.

The Chosen One(Bonus Track) produced by Crabskull. The track showcases Ty staking his claim as the lyrical chosen one as he rhymes over a tense string loop with a bass groove.

This album makes it clear that Ty Farris is one of the elite underground emcees consistently making extremely dope music. His beat selection is exemplary in the same fashion as NCJC1. Lyrically, Ty stays focused on the conceptual and thematic tracks without running out of material. Some of those topics and concepts show the growth and maturity of Ty as an emcee who continues to push his own creative boundaries. You won’t hear played-out lyrics or weak beats on this latest effort. With No Cosign Just Cocaine 2, Ty Farris delivers on another exclellent album.

Available on 8/10 Cop this album on Ty Farris own page:


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