EXCLUSIVE premiere “Decadence“ Kool G Rap X M-Dot X Revalation

Respected Boston emcee/producer M-Dot, recruits legendary lyricist and Juice Crew member Kool G Rap alongside his fellow EMS crew mate Revalation for the era-spanning concept record “Decadence.” Providing the funky & soulful backdrop is acclaimed producer, The Mighty V.I.C. (Big Pun, Nas, Mobb Deep) with DJ Jean Maron adding the scratches. The song is mastered by inimitable engineer Eddie Sancho (Illmatic, Ready To Die, Reasonable Doubt, etc). The track provides plenty of nostalgic references, harkening back to the golden eras that hip hop heads hold in such high regard. Lock yourself in for a heavy dose of evoked imagery from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s on this banger.


M-Dot’s upcoming vinyl “Dining In Dystopia” drops 1st quarter of 2022.

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