Premiere Cocareef feat Ambishouz “Coke Beams”

Cocareef drops the third single Coke Beams” ft. Ambishouz from his forthcoming Diaz Brothers album with producer Onaje Jordan. Onaje Lays a repetitive vocal loop, funky bass line and crisp drums on the beat.

Cocareef’s daughter Amaya Whitehall aka Ambishouz provides the hook on the track. The 17yrold Senior from Orange, NJ is also signed to Cocareef records. Cocareef explains how she came to bless the track:

“While listening to the track I was thinking how her voice sounds just like the sound on the beat, so I had her sing “Fall In Love” over the sound and you cant tell who is who haha... In the very beginning of the track I have her sayingFar From Over” like 3 times haha its a cool track to me and I love the Hook!”

Check out the new joint here:

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