Eff Yoo X The Kurse “Saturday Night Special Dos” Video

Lo-life emcee Eff Yoo and Canadian beat maestro The Kurse deliver the first video off their recent project, Spicaso Dos. “Saturday Night Special Dos” serves as the album opener as The Kurse lays down some futuristic synth notes and rumbling bass. With his semi-monotone flow Eff spits:

“My entire.. repertoire is fuckin fire,

Fire rings, I only walk-in when the choir sings.

Wrote this whole rhyme on an accidental whim,

in a leather-bound book made of pterodactyl wings.

Fresher than I ever been,

ya head’ll spin like the exorcist

my shit is sick, my pen is penicillin…”

The video shows a solo Eff at a couple late-night NY spots: in a dark cigar bar, copping some grub off the food truck and holding down the block.

Check the video here:

The album is available on all streaming platforms, or cop the physical here:


check the full album review as well:


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