Jamil Honesty X Free Mind “Higher Learning”

Jamil Honesty and Free Mind connect again on Higher Learning. This extremely dope track features the notable “Maybe Tomorrow” (Jackson 5) sample used by Ghostface on his poignant “All That I Got is You.” Free Mind adds some drums and additional effects to provide enough variation to separate from the Ghost joint. Jamil Honesty delivers 2 of his best verses of recent memory and has seemingly found yet another great collaborator in Free Mind. Jamil isn’t mentioned enough for his relentless delivery and lyrical talents, as he shines as bright as ever on this track.

DJ Grazzhoppa adds some dope cuts on the scratch hooks which feature legendary Ghostf and Rae rhymes as an additional homage to the original joint while maintaining the spirit of the whole sound.

Check it out here:


this single is off the upcoming EP from Free Mind titled The Soul Section, dropping March 26th.

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