KBurns X Sleep Sinatra X Teller Bank$ X Rim “The Plan”

This posse cut pulls together some of the best emcees from NY to the Midwest. Team Fame CEO and Brooklyn emcee, K.Burns is captain on this mission, recruiting fellow Brooklynite Rim, Nebraska’s Sleep Sinatra and Iowa’s Teller Bank$ for this joint. Producer Bass Reevez brings in a minimal, yet ominous soundscape for each cat to creep over. The drumless loop creates just enough substance while allowing each emcee to bring a different element to this joint, showing their distinct voice and unique set of skills. Burnie brings his raspy cadence, Sleep lays his poetic flow, Teller comes with his high-keyed quick delivery while Rim maintains character, carrying out “The Plan” as he sweeps up after everybody.

“The Plan” is the lead single off KBurns’ upcoming Juanita Boys album, fully produced by Bass Reevez, coming very soon.

check it out here:


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