God Will Rise


After the tragic and unexpected murder of the iconic Los Angeles emcee Nipsey Hussle, a musical tribute project took birth in the ‘’Centre-Sud’’ area of Montreal city. Only a couple hours after the devastating news, 7 artists from the Montreal agglomeration came together to compose this heartfelt tribute to the hurtful loss of Nipsey Hussle. Producer Anthony Bailey, (also known by the name of Prodbybailey) crafted the emotive yet hopeful beat for the 5 Mc’s: Unique Asun, Dolo, Mindless, DelRoy M., and Mr. Severe. These cats all felt the loss so heavily that they had to express their feelings and thoughts. Each emcee’s lyrics tell exactly how Nipsey touched their lives and how they were affected. Like so many others, they grew up on Nipsey as an inspiration to them both musically and personally. The last component, came from Daniel Julien Inacio, a committed Filmmaker and cinematographer. Inacio managed to immortalize the amazing triumphs of Nipsey Hussle while he was alive as much as today; all in a music video showcasing their verses in company with professional Hip-Hop dancers in “God Will Rise.”

check out the track here:


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