Ty Farris X TROX “Room 39 pt 2”

By Alex P80 Parks

Detroit emcee Ty Farris teams up with Portland producer TROX for Room 39 Part 2. A technical lyricist, Ty brings his brand of street savvy rhymes mixed with intelligent punchlines and metaphors over TROX’s robust stadium beats. The very loose themes of political discord and North Korea gently pulls the album together with the artwork and only a couple song titles without ever becoming too biased or moralistic.

TROX uses a full spectrum and range of sounds in his production, not limiting himself to just a loop and drums. The Portland producer layers multiple elements and arranges his tracks intricately, without ever getting too complex. Always using some serious drums, TROX develops a grand, arena-like sound in his production.

Whether he draws inspiration from his past with all of his own struggles and tribulations, or from his future in his daughter, Ty Farris always seems to source his ideas and storytelling sufficiently. An ultra-technical emcee, Ty comes with complex rhyme patterns and plenty of quotable punchlines. Known for his honest and direct flow, Ty has become an elite level emcee, praised by his peers for his talent and professionalism.

Ty aims to create a different sound in each of his projects, separating concepts and maintaining unifying sonic experiences, while TROX knows just what to provide for Ty whenever they collaborate.

Ty: “I’ve been recording since the first Room 39 Project. I always want me and TROX projects to sound different from just a Ty Farris project. So I made sure I chose beats that was a lil out the box. Sonically I was really trying to display TROX’s range and what makes him so dope.”

TROX: “Honestly, Working with Ty, I know what he wants. He kinda just allows me to do me. Rough, rugged and raw shit. There are definitely some curve balls in that album though, some beats I didn’t expect him to pick.”

Ty: “I recorded like 25 plus tracks for this. Some of them didn’t make it or ended up as bonus tracks for the physical release. I just wanna make sure it’s different sounding and displays my song-making ability. I’m creating songs wit concepts and subject matter, as opposed to just rapping wit no hooks. In the underground, most don’t make songs with hooks or even tap into different concepts… I will always do so.”

TROX: “We probably have way more than 25 songs together, hahaha.. Two of those songs I had R&B singers in mind, actually. The joint with Noveliss I had in mind for BJ The Chicago Kid but Ty ended up swooping in on it early.”

On “Defiant Stance” TROX layers distorted echoing vocals, a strong bass line and some space effects. “Dream and a Pen” provides a relaxed R&B vibe while Ty maintains his lyrical intensity. TROX brings some skills in arranging a melodic composition with some layered percussion. On “Say My Name,” the crisp drums and live hi-hats over tumbling keyboard notes combine with echoing organs on Room 39 Part 2‘s first single, which happens to be a banger. Ty sounds as focused as ever without seeming to force it. Recruiting heavyweights Lil Fame of M.O.P. and 38 Spesh on “Came A Long Way” Ty, TROX and the vets come correct with a special joint. TROX doesn’t complicate things, but presents a stretched and chopped vocal loop, bouncing bass and simple drums to create one of the standout joints on the album. TROX cools it off for the summer vibes with the hazy feel of “Different Brackets” feat Rome Streetz. Rome and Ty each deliver their first-class wordplay on yet another excellent track. A funky bass with a melancholy loop and echoing drums on “Please Don’t Overdose” give the track a sadness that Ty bolsters with his real and frank talk. “You Didn’t Know You Was In hell” brings the spooky vibe and forewarnings from Ty throughout. “Kill It Every Time” feat Ciddy is a head-nodding melody, flipping into a beat with synth-heavy electronic effects. TROX comes through with his signature layered synth organs on “Watching My Moves.” “Seize it” feat Noveliss of Clear Soul Forces has a primitive feel but Trox incorporates modern effects to keep it grounded in the present day. Ty drops some gems here as he describes of his dark past as compared to his bright future and positive focus.

Their chemistry undeniable on the first Room 39, TROX and Ty return with another solid effort with some perfect summertime bangers. The variety of tracks that TROX creates for Ty to spit on keeps the journey enjoyable throughout, while Ty continues to elevate his own craft with elite lyrics and high quality songs.


Cop the album, available now here:


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