John Jigg$ X DJ Swab “Revolvers”

by Alex P80 Parks

Aim your six-shooters up as Long Island’s Jigg$ takes us on the wagon trail with Revolvers, his latest EP fully produced by DJ Swab. The duo present 8 joints full of dusty, western-themed samples and plenty of hard-hitting drums.

The cannons blow on the opener/title track as Jiggs unloads a round over a plinking saloon piano and booming drums. Rim drops by for a fly verse on “Close the casket.” Swab lays down a soulful chopped vocal loop, echoing organ and some dope scratches as well on one of the standout tracks. The cinematic loop on “G.C.C. (Gritty City Committee)” plays like a Morricone loop as the tumbleweeds blow through the street on another standout joint. Jigg$ spits rapid-fire:

“Flow gritty as sandpaper, The fan favorite,

Throw the heat to these crab n***as and crab-bake em.

You the type to hold a hammer witcha hand shakin,

Smack em on camera, Haters don’t understand greatness”

Peep the video here:

On “How To Rhyme” Jigg$ two-steps through the staggering beat with lessons on emceeing over eerie and droning effects and a lavish strings arrangement on the hook. Underground vet Recognize Ali delivers a dope guest verse on “Playin Wit Fire.” Swab lays down a poignant vocal sample on “Cold,” as Jigg$ describes the sacrifices and dedication to his family and of course, his craft.

On “Walk on by” Jigg$ makes it crystal clear to stay out his way with lines like:

“Been the truth, I’m a ninja you a nincompoop,

I’m just really here to clear the air like a ginger root

I can spin the coupe, double back a different route

Pop the can and turn a n***a noodles into chicken soup”

Jigg$: “Swab and I set out to make something creatively different concept-wise from anything else that was out at the time, while still remaining true to traditional hip hop and I think we accomplished that with Revolvers. His production style allowed me to push myself and experiment with new flows and subject matter”

Swab: “Revolvers is a collaboration proving that both John and I is at top of our game, doing what we love to do. John got mad bars and I got the beats and cuts so we put it together to create our own masterpeice. The whole work process went so easy and nothing was forced and when that’s the case you know you got something special.”

A solid and enjoyable EP from one of Long Island’s spitters over some thoughtful conceptual production from Swab.

cop the EP here before the sun sets:

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