Bass Reevez presents “Tha Fisha Hrz”

By Alex P80 Parks

NY Producer Bass Reevez brings out some of the underground’s best over his boom bap society beats with his latest compilation project “Tha Fisha Hrz.”

Nowaah The Flood sets it off with his slurry flow over a bubbling bassline and subtle effects looming in the background on “Liberate.” Heist Life comrade Ty Da Dale brings the vibes and Rome Streetz comes with his ever sharp and clever lines on “Drip Lounge.” Bass Reevez finds that classic combination of sinister/murky loops with perfect vintage drums. “Commisary Day” features Gym Star, delivering street rhymes over machine gun drum rolls and simple piano loops. On “97AA Rashid drops his veteran wisdom over classic drums and an infamous xylophone loop.  Bub Rock brings his introspective lyrics on the somber sax-laced “24hrz.” The floating vocal loops of “Tubz & Vinegar” is perfect for Jamal Gasol‘s savvy hustler bars. $ Come $ Go shows off memorable verses from Estee Nack and Nowaah The Flood, with his second appearance on the project.

The EP maintains a gritty classic NY feel throughout the 7 tracks but Bass ensures it sounds clean and crisp at every note. Bass does retread a couple of notable loops but flips them different enough, appealing to the boom bap purists and elitists but also the younger ears. Reevez brought in the right cast of emcees on this one, calling on some of the most talented cats out right now. A solid and enjoyable project that delivers ominous loops, booming drums and focused lyrics.

Cop the album here:

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