HIGHEND GRIMM “Satan Snitchin” feat. Lord Juco

Atlanta’s raspy underdog, HIGHEND GRIMM emerges with grimy, luxury rhymes over elegant Camouflage Monk flute loops. Lord Juco lends his candid rhymes and humorous flow as an all-star feature. “Satan Snitchin” is the lead single off the upcoming EP of the same title. GRIMM upholds the grittiness of his hoarse voice with his criminal tales, in stark contrast to the often delicate, high-end sophistication of Camouflage Monk’s beats.

GRIMM: I’ll just tell ya now..I feel like I’ve lived one of the most interesting lives in this music shit.. I’ve flatlined twice in the same night when I was a kid ..so when it come to anything, I do it like it could be my last time doing it. I live everyday like it’s my last and with no fear. I feel like it translates into the music through my personality, aesthetics etc.

Check out “Satan Snitchin” here:


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