The Fix “This is War“

By P80 Parks

Jamil Honesty: “The dope thing about this project is it solidifies our sound, Grazz and I.”

Frequent collaborators Jamil Honesty and DJ Grazzhoppa come together to form as The Fix. With their debut album, This is War, they bring the heavy artillery to attack the competition. Boasting solid features from Codenine, Cayoz, Ill Conscious, Ace Cannons, Monique Harcum, Supreme Cerebral, Revalation, Substance810 and Josiah the Gift, Jamil’s ever-Sharp rhymes pair naturally over the dusty loops and hard drums courtesy of Grazzhoppa, creating a raw and pure sound. The Belgian DJ and producer adds his own signature cuts and scratch-hooks to many of the tracks, creating an immersive hip hop experience. Grazzhoppa provides the perfect sonic canvas for Jamil to paint his vivid portrayals of street life. Check out Jamil’s own beat-making chops on “Freestyle 2020 feat Supreme Cerebral” as he produces under the alias Macabeats. Standout tracks include “Real Shit”, “Mechanikal Movements feat Codenine, and “Chamber Musik.” With “Pain” feat Monique Harcum, the addition of an R&B hook and more deeply personal content show Jamil’s growth in writing and developing songs.

Jamil Honesty: “Grazzhoppa and I have been collaborating since 2013 and to be honest it has been a pleasure working with him and us creating these moments. This project has been four years in the making, because some of this is even pre- Martyr Musik; actually about half of it. “Real shit” was the first record we recorded as The Fix. A couple of my favorite records we did is Mechanikal Movements and Chamber Musik, I just love the vibe of those joints.”

Jamil doesn’t disappoint with his wordplay and his beat selection remains on-point as always. Overall, a dope project from one of the underground’s most consistent lyricists over solid production.

Cop This is War here:

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