Oak Lonetree x Chairman Chow “Late For Supper”

With the first single off the upcoming project The Loner, Massachusetts artists Oak Lonetree and Chairman Chow combine for “Late for Supper.” Chow lays down a unique short piano loop with subtle percussion as Oak spits in his soft-spoken flow, maintaining his tongue in cheek humor and candid observations. With a release on Fathers Day, the connection runs deeper than just a tribute to dear ol dad.

Chairman Chow: “The synchronicity on this one is strong for me cause my father had 23 and a half years of sobriety when he passed away. Adopting me a year after drying up. I met Oak 6 years ago, right after he sobered up. Funny cause I bumped all his music about him getting fucked up before, then when I went to pass him a joint he was like “I’m ok.” Glad he found the right path for him cause he ended up starting a family after.

Check “Late For Supper” here:


These 2 should certainly make for an interesting collab project. Stay tuned for The Loner, coming soon.

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