MAV X Giallo Point “HOODLUM”

By P80 Parks

Rochester’s MAV is at the top of his game right now. He’s one of the underground’s busiest emcees after just releasing a project with Rob Gates, fully produced by Big Ghost Ltd, only two weeks prior. UK’s Giallo Point has established himself as an elite producer, working with only the best emcees, ensuring specific control over his beat placements. Its no coincidence to find how discerning MAV is about his beat selection. Fitting then, that these two connect for a quality project. HOODLUM shows off both MAV and Giallo at their best.

Da Cloth is well represented on HOODLUM as Mooch jumps on the thumper “Prepaids and Plush Plannin.” Da Cloth comes through in top form here, connecting on 4 joints. On “Hand in Hand” MAV brings in heavies Ty Farris and Asun Eastwood. The three emcees detail events and caution any moves against the squad over a minimally subtle beat; a singular echoing guitar strum, continuous bass groove and hi hat. It all works well as Giallo has truly perfected pulling the darkness, tension and romance of those Italian and Spanish influences that are so heavy in his samples and production. On “Are you not entertained,” feat Rigz, MAV opens the track spitting:

“You worry bout the CD sales n physicals, I be on some other shit, n***a, I be livin life off of residuals.”

Rigz acts as co-star, complementary to MAV on three standout tracks on HOODLUM. Rigz proudly carries the chip on his shoulder, evident in his calm bravado. This plays well against MAV’s surgical precision on the mic. On “Protocols,” the two creep round the corner while the meandering slither of the cymbals and the sharp guitar note create a subtly unsettling tension. Bub Rock delivers a verse over spooky synths on “1st 2 Da 3rd. “Remember” feat Tekk 9 and Rigz harkens back to the come-up and the losses taken along the way, creating the persona for today.

MAV spins the dealer/hustler tales with specificity and a cold precision. You can hear his screw face as he spits rhymes with infrared focus. Giallo Point is known for his clean production and always maintaining a vibe or feel, keeping a project tight throughout. HOODLUM falls right in line with Giallo‘s other excellent works, continuing to solidify his status as one of the best. HOODLUM is prime MAV over Giallo’s head-nodding bangers. MAV stays in pocket, sharing what he’s absorbed of the criminal underbelly in all its darkness and glory.

Cop HOODLUM here:

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