“Leviticus” John Creasy x Dark Arts

By P80 Parks

Following his February release of The Omen, Niagara Falls emcee John Creasy returns with Leviticus. This time, Creasy links with UK producer Dark Arts for the 8 joint project. With a concept loosely based around the third book of the Old Testament, Creasy finds himself in familiar territory with sinister loops and dusty drums.

On the opening title track, it’s clear Creasy is out for blood with a fierce determination as he spits over a menacing piano. Dark Arts calms it down on “Tabernacle” as Creasy finds a nice pocket to fill with his cadence. Creasy drops a few pro athlete metaphors throughout, adding plenty of punchlines. Check out “Tabernacle” here:

Creasy brings out some heavy features on Leviticus, each voice bringing his own style. Iconic Philly emcee Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, delivers a typically ferocious verse on “Sacrifices.” On “Day of Atonement” feat Jay Nice, Dark Arts crafts an arrangement of booming drums and stirring piano loops alternating after a few bars.

Creasy spits: “I might be off again, fuck it, a 100 percent, bitch she came with the tips plus her gorgeous friend. See I couldn’t tell her myself. If I said how many she brought I would be tellin my wealth.”

This is a standout joint showcasing Dark Arts at his best, Creasy’s on-point lyrics and an elite verse from Imobillaire emcee Jay Nice who adds his fly touch. “Blasphemy” is Creasy’s denouncement of the fake, upholding the values he holds true. Asun Eastwood brings his booming vocals on “Purity,” over Dark Arts’ flip of the classic “Illusions” beat. Creasy spits over a slick 70’s caper on “Stoning Of Stephen” and closes the book over thundering piano notes on “BC (Before Christ).”

Lyrically, John Creasy never tries to complicate things. His straightforward rhymes leave some room for his personality and voice to shine through. Creasy keeps it simple yet entertaining with the sports references, adding his own humor and spin to the metaphors. Leviticus is full of dope bars and hard beats as Creasy delivers over solid Dark Arts production.

Cop Leviticus here:


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