“Alley Muzik” Timepiece X Pro Zay

By P80 Parks

Psst.. sneak down here real quick, I got something for ya. Slide through the broken fence over here and catch a glimpse of this Alley Muzik.

Australian producer Timepiece and Texas spitter Pro Zay act as the unsavory characters guiding the tour through the littered debris of broken bottles, cigarette butts, cracked syringes, shattered pipes and trash strewn about the ground. The allure of something dangerous lies down that alley. Pro Zay evokes the muddied and polluted imagery born from his lyrics, aided by his hoarse vocals. Timepiece flexes his skills on the boards creating the perfect world for Zay and his guests to inhabit the dark alley.

The first joint immediately brings a hazy intoxicated tone as Lord Juco brings his clever lyrics to “Pedigree“ over a hazy synth buzz. On “25” Zay spits some poignant bars over a triumphant beat: “I didn’t got funerals I wasn’t strong enough then”

Check “25” here:

Knowledge” shows both Zay and rhyme partner Tony Tone over a smooth bassline, desolate piano and somber trumpet. “Nosebleed,” is an eerily anxious banger. Scatterbrvin adds his creative wordplay on the euphoric “Sleeping Gas.” “Tony’s outro” finds Zay over sped up Italian organs as if he’s posted inside the ristorante waiting on his goodfellas to drop off the pack. A real “Leave the gun, take the cannoli,” type of scenario.

Zay’s voice may be an acquired taste for some, but once that rasp utters his visceral rhymes, it’s clear to see why you’re intrigued. He sounds angry and determined, as if you can’t question his words or doubt his aim. Timepiece shows his wide range of samples to create some dope soundscapes for Zay to craft his murderous tales of the underbelly.

Cop Alley Muzik here:


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