Jamal Gasol X NES “Ronwaldo Reyes”

By P80 Parks

After dropping The World is Piff 2 in July, Jamal Gasol teams up with beatmaker NES for the tight, 7-track EP Ronwaldo Reyes. Named after the famed Filipino action star, the EP’s production plays out like a crime saga with some tense moments and plenty of uptempo loops. The Diadora Don comes through on this one with his boastful rhymes and clever punchlines, always sounding like he rhymes with a satisfied grin. In the past he’s played the role of varying characters; from the savvy hustler, the straightforward street pusher, to the eloquent and heartfelt poet describing (fittingly) both joy and pain. Locking in with a single producer on Ronwaldo Reyes, the Niagara Falls emcee shows more of an intensity here, adding another facet to his rhyme personae.

A highlight off the jump, “Outside,” is full of tense loops as Jamal unleashes a fierce verse. Gasol spits lines like: “runnin through the tabloids, never met Diddy, but the bitches call me ‘Bad Boy.’ Need work, I employ. Countin money, I enjoy. Rhymes gettin nasty as an Almond Joy.”

Jamal Gasol “Outsiders

Scalebreakers” is the Kansas City Smack man at his peak hustle. On “Gun Man” Jamal brings in frequent collaborator Sauce Heist as both spit sharp verses over a sparse, yet stirring loop. “Pastillas” is Mr.31 reminding his detractors how he operates over a pulsating sample. The prolific Estee Nack fills in the only other guest spot on the EP on “Smokin’ Facers” with his mind-blowing rhyme schemes over booming chopped loops. Ronwaldo Reyes is a tight project showcasing the talent of the Chief piffer and NES’ vibrant beats.

Cop Ronwaldo Reyes, a Bandcamp exclusive project, with limited vinyl and physicals available with the Exclusive Heist life Ty Da Dale x Baby Maine Heist track “Marble Floor” available only on vinyl.


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