AJ Suede “Avada Kedavra”

By P80 Parks

Avada Kedavra (with the modern version as ‘Abracadabra’) from Latin, translates to “let this thing be destroyed.” With his latest, Seattle’s AJ Suede uses his own tricks and wizardry to show off his beats, and of course, his slow flow.

Suede: “A little bit of kabbalah gnosticsm and hermeticism finds its way in there but it flies over heads… always been obsessed with religion/schools of thought/mythology so it always finds it way in there somehow.”

With a subconscious steeped in the mystical, his lyrics touch on such from time to time. It’s the metered cadence and stretched syllables that Suede spits that doesn’t require an intense lyrical understanding, while never seeming lazy. But Avada Kedavra displays both Darth Sueder’s lyrics and his production abilities as he handles all of the beats across the 10 tracks. Highlights include the enveloping loop of “Houses on a hill” and the elegance of the orchestral arrangement on “No Exception.” Both tracks find Suede in the pocket with a solid flow. The unique and singular Fatboi Sharif comes through for the only guest feature on the project, bringing a mind- warping verse full of distorted ad libs on “Voodoo.” A strong effort for Suede overall, coming through on the production tip as well on Avada Kedavra.

Cop the album here:


Stream on Apple Music here:


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