Zilla Rocca ft Vic Spencer “Spy Vs Spy”

With the Bronx’s Ray West on the beat, Philly’s Zilla Rocca connects with Chicago’s Vic Spencer on “Spy Vs. Spy.” Ray West lays down a thumper with chanting, echoing vocal samples, crisp drums and rumbling bass. Vic Spencer jumps first with his comedic lines and dope references. Zilla delivers his technical and highly articulate flow.

With the hook:

“Too boom bap for arthouse,

Too weirdo for the trap-house

Too indie for the cash out,

Cuz all we do is blackout”

Both emcees deliver memorable verses over a solid Ray West beat. “Spy Vs. Spy” is the lead single off of Zilla Rocca’s upcoming LP 96 Mentality, coming soon.

Check the joint here on SoundCloud:


Or at Zilla’s bandcamp page here:


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