Jamil Honesty “Where’s The Love”

Just a day after Valentines Day, Baltimore’s Jamil Honesty asks “Where’s The Love?” Over soulful chopped vocals provided by LA producer Free Mind, Jamil spits about the respect lacking for all the work he puts into his craft, while professing his love for hip hop.

With an assist from DJ Grazzhoppa on the scratch hooks and some additional dope cuts, the track showcases Jamil’s sharp delivery and Free Minds rhythmic chopped samples.

On the second verse Jamil rhymes:

“The illest poet, that heard of Jonah out of Ninevah

Don’t wanna be caught in the belly with my bitter luck

Tryna be richer than Ducktales, up-sell,

I’m selling merch like work, havin to duck 12,

Light work, hitting chicks that’s thick with tight skirts

They be buggin, they just want that Ron Jeremy pipe-work.”

Check the track here:


And cop it here:


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