“The Beginning” ft M-Dot and Rapper Big Pooh

Boston’s M-Dot and Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother drop their latest track over an instrumental by Sweden’s Pause Beats, accompanied by the sultry vocals of Sabina Ddumba on the chorus. Producer Pause Beats lays down a thumper with clean drums and just enough instrumentation to maintain a melodic and musical presence. Each emcee brings a different perspective; Big Pooh rhymes first, telling of the genesis of his talents in hip hop, striving and working to convey his message to the people while M-Dot tells of a story of relationships changing over time and creating a new beginning, transforming a life, only to start fresh once again.

Check the track here:


This track is the ideal way to announce the upcoming OwnLane Music compilation Stay In Your Lane Vol. 1 out March 15, 2019. The compilation is packed with notable features M-Dot & EMSChris Rivers, ArtifactsDNA, Deacon The Villain, J.Cardim and more.

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