Don Carrera “IMPORT./“

by Alex P80 Parks

Utilizing filthy Lo-fi samples, Mississippi’s Don Carrera puts forth an ever-changing instrumental album full of off-beat percussion and heavy chops on his latest release, import.

Don provides plenty of varying moods throughout the 15-track beat tape. “integra” is atmospheric and euphoric while the foreboding and mysterious uncertainty of “archeo” plays out like a scattered crime caper. The discord and warped time signatures of “e30” seem jarring but serve as a grounding speed bump for the import journey.

There are some smooth and warm vibes as well, with “pro am” and “6speed.” Don creates a smoked-out and hazy feel on tracks like “stage III.” There are Uplifting and hopeful moments as well, like “JDM” and “channel blue” with its rippling piano loop and balanced effects, pulling listeners upwards. The layered staggered chops of “finish line” wraps up the album with 80’s synths and punchy drums.

Don Carrera gives listeners a different look with the stylized beats of import, separate from his boom bap production, but full of mood, atmosphere and plenty of chops throughout.

Cop the beat tape here:

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