MAV “Dust 2 Dust”

By Alex P80 Parks

“I’m not inspired by rappers.. I either like you or I don’t . My life inspirational enough”- MAV

Rochester emcee MAV, of Da Cloth collective, drops off his latest pack to the rap fiends. Dust 2 Dust pairs him with Chilean-born producer Cotola to create a drug-fueled mini-opus (EP). MAV enlists the help of elite spitters SmooVth and Daniel Son for the only features on the project.

MAV talked to Deeply Rooted about connecting with Cotola and some of the ideas behind the project.

MAV: “Cotola and I linked back in September of 2018.. one direct message sparked it all. He wanted to work together so he sent me his latest instrumental to check out. I looked into his narco bolero project and that’s where I knew we could do something. It was the way he incorporated the narco convos into his production that shaped Dust 2 Dust as we went along.”

MAV on his vivid imagery in his lyrics:

“I see shit from 97 in my head like it was yesterday.”

MAV On the concept/theme of Dust 2 Dust

“Me and DSon been trading cocaine raps for a while now and SmooVth was an obvious, given his Medellin releases. I didn’t want this to be like SmooVth’s nor Crimeapple’s projects but I wanted my connection to cocaine to be chronicled in the manner in which I did it.”

Chance Meetings” opens up the album in grand fashion with an Italian wobbly guitar loop, pianos and booming drums. MAV outlines some of the moves and hustle required to sustain. A big way to start the EP.

MAV: “There has to be a basic understanding within yourself that this could go well or it could go very wrong. You have to win that tug of war within you to take that leap into the underworld. Those who dont belong get ousted one way or another and if you play to long you get ousted. Death or jail or some emotional scars that’ll never heal.”

The somber tone of “Ghetto Caviar” with its solo trumpet loop, shows MAV describing the paradoxes of hustling and the allure of an opulent lifestyle; The duality of street dreams.

Pusher” feat Daniel Son is another gem, as both emcees spit lines about past endeavors with some sage advice about moving correctly. Cotola lays a falling piano riff and trumpet notes over crisp drums. The contrast of the subtle organs against the brash electric guitar riff on “Eve” plays well as MAV details always satisfying the woman with her drug lust but she still maintains her loyalty, regardless. A highlight on an already-solid project, “Battered Fish” feat SmooVth shows MAV and SmooVth at their best, bringing the raw rhymes over a casino caper melody with subtle percussion. The mood is suave, yet eerie, with an anticipation leading into the hook.

MAV closes out the EP with the title track “Dust 2 Dust,” spraying coke raps over a circling flute loop and big drums.

MAV on Cotola as an emerging producer:

“He’s a dope producer and his soundscape is wide. He’s talented in several areas musically and also as a videographer. He mixed everything! I only had my engineer master it after the fact.”

A short but adequate fix of 7 joints (8 tracks on the vinyl), MAV delivers a perfect dose of drug-focused bars on Dust 2 Dust without relying on too many cliches. Cotola provides the perfect sonic canvas for MAV to spill his lyrics on.

cop the album available here:

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