MDot & EMS “Decennio Europe Tour”

As MDot and EMS (Kore and Desco) are halfway through their tenth European tour, they join a handful of festivals and HipHop shows to share their brand of high-energy HipHop performances for their Decennio Tour 2019.

Check out this clip from a high voltage set with a sea of onlooking fans at the “Off The Hook Festival” in Athens, Greece.

MDot on touring and performing overseas:

““The way I look at these trips is it’s a privilege to be flown and compensated to visit places many people only dream of. So I take the tours extremely serious when it comes to being on point with rehearsing, arriving on time, maintaining voice, not missing trains/flights/buses, making every soundcheck, performing sober etc. The essentials that I’m supposed to do but something that often gets overlooked as most associate rap with being solely a party. Any second away from my family has to be productive that’s why I try and do as many songs, videos, radios and shows as humanly possible while on the road. It’s a laborious trip that everybody wants to do but aren’t aware of the hard work it entails and the sleep deprivation that accompanies. The biggest advice I’d give is the tenth trip signifies consistency and to have had this consistency we had to maintain and build bridges. Not being on point can easily trip up most artists from being able to return to Europe.”

M and Kore continue with a few more shows left so make sure to check them out if you’re an overseas HipHop fan!

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