Ty Farris “No Co-sign Just Cocaine 3”

Words by Protocol Juxx

We all should have learned by now that when you notice pictures of a cocaine skull circulating that it’s time to recalibrate your scales and get your re-up money together. The effectiveness of the product Ty Farris delivered with his first batch in February of 2018 was enough to cause his name to ring heavy amongst avid hip hop fans. It was only right that Ty triple the potency for the third installment of No Co-sign Just Cocaine and erase any and all doubts (if there was any) about his abilities.

All drug references aside, you have to appreciate an emcee of Ty’s caliber. He’s not gonna bombard the audience with weird garments, outrageous haircuts or clout-chasing fuckery. You simply get the work; trusting that what he brings is gonna be of the highest quality possible. While he’s always been a highly technical lyricist, his understated aesthetic is in sharp contrast to how he totally blacks out in the booth. He maintains that duality with a Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde type of demeanor. Although he seems like the coolest nigga, I wouldn’t want to be in his way when he’s performing, as he brings it every time.

The “No Cosign” angle of this series was more applicable when he intially released the series back in February of 2018, as he had no features on it. With NCJC3, bosses from the “Loyalty or Death”, “New Crack Era,” and “Da Cloth” collectives all make an appearance, turning this project into a gladiator event rather than a series of studio sessions. Eddie Kaine, Eto, M.A.V. and Flee Lord provide razor sharp guest verses on NCJC3, taking only a small sliver of the spotlight away from Ty shining brightly on this album.

Ty returns with a similar production line-up that laced the previous two installments in Stu Bangas, Dirty Diggs, Trox, J Bansky, and Bozack Morris, adding The Standouts, Vinyl Villain, Sebb Bash, Mr. Authentic and Michaelangelo into the fold. These producers have shown and proven time and again that they certainly bring their best compositions to the set on this and every release. Stu Bangaz contributions certainly standout every time, with plenty of well placed drums and rumbling bass, providing a full spectrum of sound waves. And there’s no question that Ty devours a Bangas beat like no other.

Some rappers may get upset with the Detroit King for raising the bar just eight days into the new year but they may need to borrow a page from the Ty Farris playbook and take extra time to reevaluate their careers and proofread their shit a bit more. In a climate that calls for artists to drop every month to stay relevant, the Ty Farris approach to curating projects allows his work to feel more like an event the listener can anticipate and fully absorb rather than just another project that gets skimmed through, lost or plain overlooked. No Co-sign Just Cocaine 3 is the audio drugs that hip hop fiends need in their bloodstream.

The album is out tomorrow. Pre-order now here:


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