Spoda X Standouts “Audio Trafficking”

Words by Protocol Juxx

Though the Bay Shore emcee introduced Full Court Press to us only eight months ago, in the underground rap world, that’s quite awhile between projects, which I’m sure he’s well aware of. He’s kept busy during that time playing wingman on several releases, mostly with his “Walkers” associates. But Spoda’s not one to play the background for long as he gives us his opening act of 2020 with the Standouts on production. With Audio Trafficking, Spoda makes it pretty clear from jump that he’s not for the nonsense, not only with the dexterity of his pen but the bellicose temper in his vocal tones. This performance and subject matter is more rugged than what he displayed on the last project. Without totally ratting himself out, he gives us a brief review of his criminal past and the experiences that shaped his thug mentality. He always comes across as the one to most likely have the concealed weapon in his crew, so it’s that vibe that those familiar with his work should expect from Spoda.

As for the production duo hailing from “The Funk” (Ft. Worth, TX.), the Standouts are a prime example of the cream slowly rising to the top. They aren’t yet household names but they’ve evolved into “go-to” composers for some of the game’s most talented players. Maybe they’re too young to remember the music that once played on the now defunct radio station known as “KKDA Soul 73” in Texas but they may have come across some of those same records they used to play as they display a keen touch for weaving classic soul samples into hip-hop gold. Being this is a seven piece set, I’d view this as a sort of reintroduction and a pacesetter project. Spoda sounds as if he’s just warming up though, with plans on moving his career to a more advanced platform in the very near future. He has a solid support system around him and his ultra masculine approach can be appreciated as people often grow tired of the fuckery that many of today’s rappers are prone to. Going forward, I’d expect him to give us a broader, more expansive look into his street influenced persona with more in-depth writing.

Cop the album available here:


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