“Ghost Whisperer” Jamil Honesty X Pad Scientist

Baltimore’s Jamil Honesty connects with the Pad Scientist on his latest single, “Ghost Whisperer.” Jamil has been heating up as of late, dropping loosies in preparation for his upcoming Martyr Musik 2. For this single, Jamil linked with the beat maker from the backwoods of Maine, the Pad Scientist. He’s been on a steady climb, making a name for himself working with several of the underground’s emcees. On “Ghost Whisperer,” Jamil shows off his infinite flows of fury, never seeming to tire on the mic. Pad Scientist lays some aptly-placed haunting vocal loops along with resonating bass licks and echoing drums to create an ethereal ambiance. Don’t get spooked on this one though, Jamil just speaks with depth and clarity in his rhymes, always with something unique to conjure.

Check “Ghost Whisperer” here:


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