SeKwence: The “BLOOM” Interview

By P80 Parks

SeKwence has established himself as a legitimate talent and has even begun to carve a niche that he’s developed over the past few years. He’s been able to mold that sound through his cast of dope producers, featured artists, his strong beat selection and of course, his raspy vocals. With his latest effort, BLOOM, SeK finds himself immersed with likeminded talent. He’s taken his craft to the next level with artists he’s brought into the fold along with new collaborators to prominently feature beside his own Souless crew, entrenching themselves as dope artists as well.

With BLOOM, Selwence gives us tracks full of warm melodies, compressed beats, joyful vibes. SeKwence really shines on the opener “Bag$$” feat Jah-Monte Ogbon. He hits his stride on the solo joint “Highs And Lows,” and soaks in the vibrance of “Foundation” feat Allen Thomas. SeKwence floats on the playful and quirky “Sun Gods” feat $uff. SeKwence brings it back to reality on the somber “Empty Stomachs” feat Teller Bank$ and Norfside Shae. Frequent collaborators, Sleep Sinatra and Lord Juco come through on a track each, as consistent and reliable as ever. SeK closes out the album with “Still The Same,” an ode to his former and current self over a nostalgic instrumental.

It’s the overall quality that shines through as a polished project, displaying a variety of sonic textures that SeKwence embraces with ease. With sharp production from Killer Kane, Grubby Pawz, Bart Burrman, FLLS, Promise, Ruci, Keem The Cipher, and Big Gucci Krow, BLOOM plays through like a solid journey.

Deeply Rooted caught up with SeKwence to talk about BLOOM.

DRHH: You clearly stepped it up on this one- Was there a different approach?

Sek: “I knew after going the complete conceptual route with LAKE WATER I wanted BLOOM to just be fun. Just a fye collection of songs, dope in its own regard. The songs do sound like summer to me so that worked out. For me, BLOOM represents just summertime in the South. Everything’s more vibrant color-wise when the flowers start blooming. I feel like I thrive in the sun especially. Felt like it was just perfect. And I’ve always wanted to drop a project on my birthday so I checked that off the list too.”

DRHH: What’s writing like for you?

Sek: “When I first started really taking it serious I felt the need to write everyday. I felt like I had to prove to people I can rap as good as anyone. At this point of my career I write way less. Not that I’m not just as hungry as before.. It’s more of a timing thing now and not forcing anything. Breaks are just as productive as working.

DRHH: Beat selection is so important…

Sek: “I can never force something over production I don’t truly feel. It’s always about the feeling to me. And some stuff I sit on for months without touching and revisit and it’s exactly what I want. But I absolutely love experimenting with stuff, you’re gonna see a lot more of that from me.”

DRHH: BLOOM definitely sounds more polished. Were you consciously aware of this and feeding the growth/evolution?

Sek: “Yeah man it’s a subconscious thing like I realized but it also almost comes naturally, without me knowing. The growth comes from the love. If I love something like I do this music I’m gonna work til I’m perfect.”

DRHH: There’s this thing about water with you, if you even notice or if it’s conscious or not..
Nevermind Lake Water, but many of the beats you choose have this ethereal, floating like you’re underwater type of feel.

Sek: Yeah you might be right on that. I’m giving these boys waves to ride on anyway, haha! But nah, not even on no arrogant shit though! I’m proud of all the progress I’ve made the past few years. I’m here forever. Love y’all mucho. Thank you to my Souless fam, Deeply Rooted fam, and all the homies. We going up forever.

As a personal friend of SeKwence’s, it’s been dope to see his growth and see how his music has evolved but maintained in quality. He’s certainly the first to support, congratulate and endorse anything from his extended musical families. As SeKwence has grown over these past few years of his musical career, his creativity, passion and talent fuel his continued success. But it’s his humanity and kind spirit that may be his greatest assets as he continues on his musical journey. Cop BLOOM here:

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