HIGHEND GRIMM “Satan Snitchin”

By P80 Parks

GRIMM: “Family and people around always told me I’ve survived everything from my youth and even all the street shit only because God has huge plans for me. I definitely see life from a different perspective than most. I’ve always had a sense of (my own) destiny.”

Hailing from Atlanta, HIGHEND GRIMM seeks to reinvent himself in the underground with villainous debauchery over elegant Camouflage Monk beats. Satan Snitchin is GRIMM’s 5 track EP full of cocaine affluence and street boasts. HIGHEND GRIMM starts it off with “HOLA,” a French vocal loop with a low end rumble. On the hook GRIMM spits:

“GRIMM got more stitches than three Frankensteins; Flatlined twice, n***a, I already died; Need some guns or some drugs? I’m your guy”

“Burnt Urnge G Wagon” features Massachusetts legend Estee Nack. HIGHEND GRIMM recruits the ever prolific SupaNackMan for a fly verse. GRIMM’s contrasting flow and voice finds a perfect balance with the luxurious sound of a simple flute loop courtesy of Camo Monk.


On “Cashmere Glocks,” HIGHEND GRIMM provides the lavish crime imagery over a swaying clarinet loop and ample dusty drums.

GRIMM: “I’m not new. I’ve been makin music in the ATL underground scene since 2012. I decided to branch out because I’m evolving and grew up on East Coast hip hop as much as ATL rap. “My mom is from Newark, Nj so there was nothin but Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, old 50 cent mixtapes, The Lox, and The clipse playin in the crib. Soon as I stepped outside it was Atlanta shit so I absorbed both.”

On the title track, HIGHEND GRIMM spits the grimy, luxury rhymes over elegant Camouflage Monk flute loops. Lord Juco lends his candid rhymes and humorous flow as the second all-star feature on the EP. GRIMM upholds the grittiness of his hoarse voice with his criminal tales, in stark contrast to the often delicate, high-end sophistication of Camouflage Monk’s beats.


On “Toast To The Coke,” GRIMM closes the EP out in villainous fashion over suspenseful strings, illustrating his victories and celebrating in style.

GRIMM: “I feel like I’m coming with the best quality product since Griselda. From my artwork to the content. Lord Juco definitely been a stand up guy. Big S/O to him and the homie Cxppington, also to Deeply Rooted for all their support. I’m here to push boundaries, push the culture, push creativity forward and take chances most artist are too scared or don’t have the talent to do. I know I have a distinct voice, a distinct aesthetic and a distinct personality. 99% of artist these days don’t even have 1 out of the 3. I’m a 1 of 1.”

GRIMM: “When it come to anything, I do it like it could be my last time doing it. I live everyday like it’s my last and with no fear. I feel like it translates into the music through my personality, aesthetics etc.”

Satan Snitchin available on 7/16 here:


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