Nomad Carlos X The Artivist “The Psyche”

By P80 Parks

Nomad Carlos: “With the Farma joint, (2019’s Cipher)I felt like I was more experimenting, but it kinda helped me get my foot in. With The Psyche, I’d say it was more of a comfort zone.”

On The Psyche, Jamaican-bred rapper Nomad Carlos returns with a 7 track EP, this time collaborating with Queens producer The Artivist. For the most part, Carlos opts for the mellow and melodic loops from Arti, creating a relaxed vibe throughout. The Artivist brings the head-nod on “One Step Ahead,” followed by the more intense arrangement of “Slice Em.” The EP slips back into the smooth and nostalgic feel of “Persephone” as Carlos and Five Steez swap stories about wicked women and their ways. On the final track, “Impulsive Warrior,” it all seems to gel as the 80’s synths and chill r&b feel suit the casual flow of Carlos and BadFX’s British accent tinged with Jamaican patois. Peep the video for the “Psyche Gauge” here:

Nomad Carlos: “I always admired The Artivist’s ear for samples more than anything, which I think (those) really brings out the best in my style.”

Carlos intertwines his neutral accent with Jamaican slang, peppered with frequent nods to the homeland. Nomad’s passive flow may deter some and come off as lackadaisical or uninspired. That really may be the only standing criticism with Carlos as an artist. Despite some bars seeming to lack some emotion, Nomad Carlos has definitely dug a bit deeper with his pen, showing some growth as a writer and on the mic in with his delivery.

The Psyche plays well as a short EP showing some growth for Nomad Carlos while showcasing The Artivist’s consistent production. Look forward to continued evolution from Carlos and his comrades and The Artivist’s production blessing more tapes.

Preorder The Psyche, available on 7/17 here:

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