LocalBlac “Inside Voices Please!”

By P80 Parks

Providing an overall bright and refreshing mood, Los Angeles emcee LocalBlac brings his unorthodox and unique style to his latest LP, Inside Voices Please. Produced entirely by AyoDlo, the album adheres to a modern soundscape, yet also provides a purist flavor with some sample-based, boom bap stylings on a few joints.

LocalBlac has a lot to share, exposing his consciousness but without sacrificing that raw street mentality to do so. Showing us these two extremes, Inside Voices Please is both hopeful and fraught with the sadness of the state of the world. LocalBlac reminds us in his own personal way how we all have been conditioned, adding a new perspective to our confined, collective psyches.

LocalBlac shows us his range with this project, signing on “She’s inside by the Bar!” And “Inside we’re always safe!” Throughout the album, he provides plenty of introspection while touching on much of the madness and chaos that exists. LocalBlac dives into the pivotal issues of black rights and advocating for women on “Drop Culture!” Feat Natalie Oliveri. But don’t get it twisted, on joints like “Smoking Gun (RIP Pop Smoke)” feat Thrash Thorn, Blac can flat-out rap too.

Inside Voices Please provides a broad appeal to multiple generations of hip hop fans, displaying modern production coupled with traditional rap structures. As opposed to focusing solely on himself, LocalBlac’s writing encompasses characters, ideas and concepts here. He creatively weaves his thoughts into unique lyrics and melodies. Despite illustrating many shortcomings and flaws that we face as a society, LocalBlac creates a hopeful album with a focus on love and embracing the change needed.

Stream Inside Voices Please here:


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