Lenox Hughes X AP “Opulent Habits”

By P80 Parks

Lenox Hughes: “This tape is definitely motivation to get a bag. I want everyone to be successful in life; wether you you selling your own clothes, hustling or getting up for a 9-5 everyday.”

Creating vibes of lavish lifestyles, Harlem’s Lenox Hughes spits over fly production from Michigan producer AP. Lenox brings his street demeanor, mixing his taste for the finer things to complement the smooth arrangements courtesy of AP.

AP on the project coming together:

“I think it was from one of the first batch of beats I sent to Bub (Rock) in 2018. Bub and Lenox knew each other and I guess he let Lenox hear some of the tracks. Lenox ended up recording to one of em and made “go get it” that was on his last project, Finding The Balance. After that we talked about doing a some more work or a project, but we didn’t start really working on it until earlier this year.”

Joints like “Legendary” is a funky fly groove, perfect for night time cruises. “Million Dollar Dream” exudes a similar vibe and smooth feel. On “Fritz and Frank” Lenox provides the street tales, while joints like “Paid in Full” is more of a journey. With compressed drums and a rumbling low end, Lenox spits venom here speaking into existence with his need to be “Paid in Full like Rakim.”

Intricate Threads” is head nodding piano-driven beat where Lenox spits double time. A highlight off Opulent Habits, “The Hype,” features Brooklyn’s Eddie Kaine over a gorgeous loop that seems to never end until AP layers another on it, elevating it.

AP on the concept/theme: “I asked Lenox to give me a theme or title for the album and he came up with Opulent Habits. Just so happened I was in a good place creatively at the time and zoned out and made most the tracks over 3 day period and the rest came a couple weeks later.”

Lenox maintains the balance between the elegant concepts and the street raps, evoking images of regal materials and luxurious accommodations. AP comes through on the production end as well. It’s the techniques and overall vibes that AP lays down which separates him from other beat makers and producers as an underrated producer in the game. Opulent Habits serves as a solid project connecting 2 emerging talents.

Cop Opulent Habits here:


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