Lord Juco X Bohemia Lynch “Shadows 3”

By P80 Parks

Continuing on his prolific run, Toronto’s Lord Juco comes through for another sharp project. With the third installment, (the previous two both dropping on Christmas day the past 2 years) producer Bohemia Lynch and emcee Lord Juco connect again for Shadows 3. Juco calls on fellow underground stalwarts Flashius Clayton and Skunkz over the cascading piano notes of “Staff Picks.” On the airy “Stelvio,” Juco lays an inspired verse while Starker unloads a clip of his highly syllabic flow over stirring strings. Juco closes it with the split beats of “Scene Selection,” where Bohemia Lynch loops plinking piano keys and sliding glissandos sounding like a New Year’s Eve ballad. The second half switches to a soulful and funky vocal loop, with Juco strutting off into the sunset.

Lord Juco speaks on the concepts of the Shadows projects:Shadows was visually based on ‘I saw the devil‘ but sonically all three have their own movies they reference.. Shadows 1The Shining; 2House of 1000 corpses; Shadows 3Bay of Blood.”

Lord Juco has stayed consistent in the game for several years now with his intelligent and clever rhymes, his ear for production and his stellar work ethic. He stays grounded and continues to work with talented artists regardless of status. Bohemia Lynch has proven to provide the perfect canvas for Lord Juco yet again, with unique samples and dynamic loops.

Check out Shadows 3 live on Christmas, 12/25/2020 at 12AM here:


Looking for more on Juco and his earlier work? Check the in-depth Juco primer and interview from 2018:


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